Celestine dies of electrocution at the age of 13

Celestine dies of electrocution at the age of 13

And electrocuted dead from one electrical discharge While Take a bath in the tub. Celestine, a 13-year-old girl, gave birth charge mobile phone Then I decided to use it while immersed in water. The tragedy occurred in the city of Macon, capital of the French province of Saône-and-Loire in France.

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According to what has been re-investigated in its construction so far, the 13-year-old has spent one Evening at home with friends Finally he decided to take a shower. She was with her only friend left when she charged her cell phone but used it while in the shower. a few moments later electrical discharge who hit her under eyes Doubtful and scared of the same age, left in shock. Immediate help alerted to parents at home allowed Reviving the little girl But she did not recover and died.

The local tragedy occurred yesterday evening ten days ago when help arrived at home, Celestine stabilized with a heart massage, and then urgently taken to hospital. The Terms Celestine appeared immediately criticism, but after days of torment, the doctors were forced to announce brain death last Tuesday.

An investigation has been opened into the case, but there does not seem to be any doubt about the tragic fate. The mother wanted to launch an appeal: “I hope our story is at least Useful for other teens Because they all have implanted phones in their hands now. We must really insist with them, No phones in bathtubs».

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