Omoda 5: in Italy at the beginning of 2024

Omoda 5: in Italy at the beginning of 2024

Two brands for Europe – In 2022, the Chinese group Shery It has sold more than 1,200,000 cars worldwide, including 451,000 cars abroad; This is not even known in Italy: many models from the Italian DR have rolled out of their factories. However, he now decided to “land” himself Europe. To do this, I created two brands specifically for our continent: Omoda (more youthful) e Jaco (Almost luxurious).

From 14 to 80 merchants – The goal is to be Present in 30 European countriesThanks to nine national branches. The first will be the Italian (based in Milan) and the Spanish: in our country we will start with 14 Dealers – Agentswith the aim of rising to 80 by the end of 2024. The first model to arrive in Italy is Umoda 5: personal transit Its length is 440 cm. It has already undergone Euro NCAP crash tests, where it received 5 stars, with great ratings on individual elements.

> Pictured above is the Omoda 5.

Gasoline, then electricity – the Umoda 5 It will initially be offered only with Turbo gasoline engines: with 1.5 with 156 hpcombined with a CVT gearbox, or a 1.6 with 197 hp “Married” to a 7-speed dual clutch. For the latter, the company talks about acceleration from 0 to 100 in 8 seconds and an average consumption of 14 km/l. Curiously, the company has ruled out LPG versions, while the hybrid model could arrive later and an electric variant has been confirmed. Prices have not been mentioned yet, but we estimate that it could be less than 30 thousand euros.

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> Pictured above is the Jaecoo 7.

Five in two years – The second Sherry to come to us there Jaco 7: An imposing SUV with retractable handles Its length is 450 cm. For her, there is also talk about A 1.6 turbo gasoline engine With a power approaching 200 hp, the arrival of an additional variant has been confirmed. In total, between Omoda and Jaecoo, there are 5 models that will arrive in Italy within two years: larger and smaller than those already announced and many of them also equipped with electric motors.

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