Squeaky floorboards? Therefore, he uses talcum powder, which is a simple and free treatment

Squeaky floorboards?  Therefore, he uses talcum powder, which is a simple and free treatment

If you notice your floorboards squeaking, try fixing the problem with talcum powder: an infallible remedy you can make yourself.

The crackle of mountain chalet parquet under your feet can be very romantic indeed! However, if the noise you hear is for all intents and purposes a Squeaking sounds coming from your floorboards It is best to intervene immediately to avoid waking up all the neighbors (and not only them) in the middle of the night.

If you don’t want to turn to a professional, you’ll be interested to know It is possible to solve the problem completely independentlyUsing a very simple system. All you have to do is Get some regular talcum powder And implement these few steps. In no time at all The noise will disappear and your floor will be like new, seeing is believing! Here’s how to proceed.

Squeaky floorboards? Use talcum powder and say goodbye to the problem!

If you have noticed it for some time now The floorboards are creaking, and it is best to fix the problem right away To prevent it from getting worse. But before revealing DIY treatment at no cost What we want to suggest to you today is that it is important to know the reason behind this phenomenon.

Squeaky floorboards with talcum powder

If your floorboards creak, use a little talcum powder (Designmag.it)

In fact, the boards may not have been properly attached to the underlayment or may have become loose over time. Again, they may have expanded, causing friction between them, or cracks may have formed. However, it is possible to solve the problem using different solutions. If you don’t want to call in a professional, you can take care of it yourself by trying to insert nails or place weights on the floor that can make the panels snap back into place.

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If you are not very experienced, you can instead use this simple, economical, but above all effective remedy. All you need is some basic talcum powder. Drop some on the floor and let some seep into the cracks between the boards. Next, remove the excess powder, and you’re done!

Alternatively, you can also use chalk or graphite powder. The end result will always be the same. You will see that in a few simple steps you will have solved an annoying problem without spending a dime! What are you waiting for to try this crazy trick? Not everyone knows this, but it really works!

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