June 3, 2023

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Al Bano, is peace finally? Christmas Doesn’t Lie – Video

Romina Carisi’s birthday party in Rome was an occasion when an important turning point in the relationship with her father Al Bano was announced. Here’s what happened and Romina Power’s daughter says today is another day.

During the last live broadcast of Today is another day, presenter Serena Burton wants many special guests in her studio. between these, In addition to Cristiano Malgoglioshe was there too Romina Power and his daughter Romina Carisi. They both gave an interview that then sparked a lot of controversy, but for completely different reasons.

Rome, Romina Carisi’s birthday party at Mr. Barry with his father Albano (photo Instagram).

In fact, Romina Power told an incredible episode about her mother above all else, Linda Christian. When the king called them Hussein From Jordan, the singer explained that her mother decided to put acid in the king’s tea, but she did not tell him anything. At the same time, she revealed that she too was taken advantage of drugs.

Today is another day, Serena Burtoni’s story

Romina Carrisi’s interview with Today is another day that sheds light on the relationship she has with her father bano. The two had several disagreements in the past, and the daughter didn’t fail to scold him for sure hardness in education. Carisi reminds that at home you cannot cry and you cannot show fragility in any way.

Rome, Romina Carisi's birthday party.  From left: Albano, Romina Karisi, Yasmine Karisi and Kristel Karisi (photo on Instagram).
Rome, Romina Carisi’s birthday party. From left: Albano, Romina Karisi, Yasmine Karisi and Kristel Karisi (photo on Instagram).

Romina Carisi accused the father of “Having grown up as a child after the warIn short, he accused his father of being too much authoritarian. How did Kurt Lewin study for the first timeParents with this type of parenting style are often raised in the same way. There is, too insurgency Di Romina fits this picture.

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Albano and Romina Carisi, what happened on her birthday

Over time, Romina Carisi and Albano had the opportunity to be able Rework The years they grew up with Celino San Marco. Although the daughter had spared a few digs on the day being another day, at her 35th birthday party, which was celebrated on June 4, the two were happy together.

Rome, Albano embraces his daughter Romina Carisi (Photo Instagram).
Rome, Albano embraces his daughter Romina Carisi (Photo Instagram).

In particular, Al Bano entertained the audience by singing his best songs in a club in the Trastevere district of Rome, Mr. Barry. Giving bosom As the singer performs in the song, the amazing date testifies to the relationship between affection and gratitude that creates a very strong bond between the two.

Here are a few video From Romina Carisi’s birthday. On the first slide you can also see Serena Burton In the role of the party host along with the protagonist. On the third slide, you can feel the embrace with Al Bano.