Steps forward for Origi, warned Liverpool about the deal

Steps forward for Origi, warned Liverpool about the deal

Rossoneri are ready to close in front of the Belgian striker who will be released in July

The Milan I officially put it on the horizon Divock Origi. The Rossoneri’s idea to bet the Belgian striker, free on a free transfer, has been talked about since July 1, 2022, for months, but now the interest is official with an email sent to Liverpool, the owner of the mark until June. Contacts with the Belgian midfielder’s agents have been going on for months and there is a draft agreement, but now the Rossoneri can rush to find an economic deal with the striker.

The Milan He needs to strengthen his offensive department next season regardless of whether Ibrahimovic decides to continue his career as a footballer or not. At 36, Giroud cannot guarantee continuity throughout the season as a starter on three fronts, and the few goals the strikers have scored this season have been a deficit that Pioli has had to try to compensate in other ways.

A tip will come, maybe two, but in the meantime the first name on the list was always Divock Origi. The 27-year-old Belgian returned from six seasons with Liverpool and also scored with them in the Champions League final and this year scored six goals in 17 games, and also provided four assists. To get him Milanwho has been discussing with the player’s agents for months, has officially sent an email to Liverpool, only to officially start the process.

Initially Origin A net demand of 4.5 million euros per season while Milan is willing to spend less. Perhaps an agreement can be found in the middle with a stretch Multi-year contract worth €4 million.

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A modern striker who loves to do different things on the entire front despite his imposing physique, Origi did not convert to two numbers In his career also for fragmented use with the Reds. However, some of his goals were too heavy, especially in the Champions League.

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