Italian SUV at the price of a Chinese car is making a vacuum in the market

Italian SUV at the price of a Chinese car is making a vacuum in the market

Here is the Italian SUV with a Chinese price that is creating a vacuum in the car market. It costs as much as a small car, it is impossible to miss a model of this type.

Several years ago, SUVs significantly affected the car market. Even manufacturers like Ferrari and Lamborghini gave space to such a project, which makes us understand how much people love a car of this caliber. However, the costs are often completely unimaginably cheap.

In fact, quite the opposite. However, that does not seem to be the case with this manufacturer and in particular with this car. Let’s move on to discover SUV DR 5.0.0 Update And the Italian company DR Automobiles that does a lot of good in the last years of its history.

The cheapest Italian SUV (

DR Cars: What you don’t know about the Italian company

DR Automobiles is an Italian company founded in 2006 in Macchia d’Isernia in Molise by Massimo di Risio. The company imports vehicle components manufactured by Chery Automobile and China’s JAC Motors. It assembles it under license and markets it in its Italian offices accordingly.

The company is part of the DR Automobiles Groupe. Founded in 1995, it has been importing and distributing cars of various brands for years. Today, DR Automobiles is one of the most interesting brands with the most innovative ideas in the Italian car market and beyond. As we will see now, with his SUV.

DR 4.0 SUV: Discover the amazing car

As mentioned on several occasions, the SUV segment is a bit in full expansion. While perhaps more limited than the major brands, what DR Automobiles has done with the DR 5.0 is truly exceptional. The latter has tried to please everyone in this sense, with a compact car and More affordable compared to its competitors. But also for the rich equipment and its mechanics. Alloy wheels, a hexagonal grille, large headlights and original air intakes give the SUV a fun and attractive look.

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Dr. Motor DR5
Dr Motor DR5 (

The engine is a 1.5-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine capable of delivering a maximum power of 116 horsepower. Five-speed gearbox. Also worth noting is the front-wheel drive system. All this allows you to reach a good maximum speed of 175 kilometers per hour. In terms of technology, we offer a 12-inch screen, comfortable and modern seating, but also a wireless interface, USB ports, air conditioning, 360-degree cameras and much more. The price is just over 20 thousand euros. Much cheaper in terms of value than direct competitors in the four-wheeled vehicle market.

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