OCU shares this message to all retirees who have savings in the bank

OCU shares this message to all retirees who have savings in the bank

OCU shares this message to all retirees who have savings in the bankCC0

Retirement and pensions topic debate Very frequent a Spanish stateWhere he prevails despite everythingoptimism Opposite Worker retirement. This is confirmed by the results of one vote Issued by the Consumers and Users Organization (dad) In addition to 1.500 People in between 25 and 80 years old To get to know them Expectations Of people who have not retired and Tips From those who have already done so.

Although this is true 35% Of the respondents think this provision no You will allow them access My demonAnd 42% yes They think that one will be enough 7% They think it will beMore than enough». It should be noted that most of the participants in this study realize that they will suffer from “scissors'Great for him.' tickets Once they stop working (un 12% They think they will be reduced to Less than half), even though they are A few The ones that were launched for every Face this situation. In reality, hiring a contract she gave People get to know each other no be ready Financially His retirement.

The reason behind this Inactivity is that respondents give priority To other expenses directThey do not have enough income to To save Or to pour ignorance Concerning running Public pensions.

Losses of retirees

According to the report I publisheddadthe difference between incomeLast salary that day pension Of retirees up to 400 euros. For this reason one 10% They chose to diversify their products Sources of income Through other methods such as rent of property or other Coups. On the contrary, 90% The rest sustain themselves with this only benefit.

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Save and diversify

Therefore from the organization They recommend For families”Save as much as possibleBut without leaving Sleeps Then the money is deposited or a mistake is made in playing with it Everything to message». In other words, OCU supports that it should not be allocated to just one person Private retirement planBut it is worth evaluating other options. “Although the current pension system Relatively generousa pot no They concluded this to be the case over the years.

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