Ten people have been confirmed dead in the Valencia fire, and must now be identified

the Investigate the causes Which caused the fire on Thursday afternoon in the two buildings in the Campanar neighborhood of Valencia and the rapid expansion of the fire has now become the focus of the efforts of specialists and experts from different departments.

The President of the Investigative Court No. 10 in Valencia opened the preliminary procedures to investigate the causes of the fire He issued a decision to confidentialize the procedures. This is to protect police investigations and the privacy of victims and their families.

This Saturday morning, Another body was found inside the buildingThus the death toll is ten. Friday afternoon scientific police has been reduced From ten to nine The bodies were found inside the charred fourteen-story building, during the first visual inspection conducted by firefighters and emergency teams.

This was stated by Valencia Fire Chief Enrique Chesbert Every room on every floor was recorded No further deaths are expected. There were ten people missing.

The representative of the Spanish government in the Valencia region, Pilar Bernabé, explained that they are now working towards this Identify the victimsIt is a complex task to do With DNA testing To obtain all guarantees and it is not known how long this may take.

For this reason it is also considered It is too early to talk about the date of the funeral.

Solidarity with the victims

Valencia City Council held a minute of silence This afternoon, in front of the main facade, in memory of the victims of this fire.

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Both the City Council and the General Government of Valenciana decreed this Three days of official mourning All planned Fallas events have been suspended until Sunday.

A minute of silence in front of Valencia City Hall (Cat. 3)

The city council held a special meeting on Saturday and all municipal groups signed on Condolences to the victims Thanks to the police, firefighters and all services that worked to extinguish this fire.

“We are a city of giants and the municipal corporation must live up to that,” said Valencia Mayor Maria José Catala, who was moved by the solidarity we received. Offers help and support For companies, individuals, regional and state institutions.

The fire also generated a wave of solidarity among neighbors, with large donations of clothing, food, toys and school supplies. In this report you can see how many neighborhood organizations spontaneously turned into clothing and food collection points:

One firefighter remains hospitalized

Only one person injured in this fire was admitted. A firefighter is at La Fe Hospital. He does not fear for his life.

Health sources said that the other firefighter who was taken to the hospital was released from Bisset Hospital on Saturday.

Valencia Fire Chief Enrique Chesbert said that the firefighters who participated in the firefighting operation risked beyond their means throughout the intervention and They saw the danger “up close”Especially the first endowments.

On the other hand, he pointed out that staying inside homes when a fire breaks out is most appropriate if the building guarantees sector conditions while firefighters extinguish the fire, as the opposite could be an unorganized evacuation that could cause multiple victims. .

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The fire chief did not want to comment on the details of the fire because the investigation is subject to a confidential summary.

It also did not provide any information about pets that may have died in the fire.

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