Fiat, everything changes: stop reproducing these cars

Fiat, everything changes: stop reproducing these cars

Fiat has made a strict decision not to produce petrol or diesel engines in England anymore.

Fiat stops reproducing this car – Motori.News

for the house of Turin, This is a historical turning pointwhich is slowly moving towards electrification of the scale.

The production halt is set for 2035at that time Fiat Only models will be marketed from Low-emission or zero-emission vehicles.

Fiat gives space for the hybrid

in England Fiat decided to give Ample space for hybrid and electric cars. For the brand, this is an important decision given that 40% of its production last year was in Exclusive heat exhaust motors.

The decision was made towards England because the dedication and concern for the environment in the country has tripled over the past few years. To prove this, the Banning the marketing of petrol and diesel cars after 2030.

Fiat Motors

in short Fiat expected towards change So is England aiming for green change. The automaker recorded an 88% increase in electric sales in 2021.

This is a clear positive sign, which however imposes changes on both production and marketing. User requests and needs have changed.

Green solutions to access restricted traffic areas

The CEO of Fiat and Abarth in England announces that the house can now only head towards supplying green solutionswhich raises awareness of sustainable mobility because in the city, Vehicles must pass through restricted traffic areas and urban centers.

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We must begin to adapt to the news. This is one of the reasons why he said Goodbye petrol and diesel carsOn the other hand very proud. In a very short time, the Multijet will no longer be in England, and neither will the Firefly engine. Space is allocated for electric and electric models.

The models equipped with the new hybrid power supply will be the 500 Hybrid and the classic Panda Hybrid that can’t be missing. The new 500 was the first electric vehicle produced by the car manufacturer, and the new Fiat Hybrid will welcome many new proposals in the coming period. Many new models will arrive For all needs. It is not yet known what the prices of new cars will be, and any information that will arrive in the coming period.

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