Nuria Filho in Palau Robert

Nuria Filho in Palau Robert

This offer will be intended for Noria Filho He is praised for his musical work and the normalization of the Catalan language. This is a task that the artist carried out throughout his long career, which exceeded fifty years. This is an acknowledgment ofFile style: His way of understanding music, the lyrics, the scenography, the costumes, the diction…the elements he paid attention to even the smallest details. For this reason the musical and scenic directions were entrusted to two artists who know, appreciate and love its sound and artistic world: Enrique Mago and Esteve. Molero. An evening in which many artists perform Nuria Filho’s songs.

Nuria Filho Al Palau (Robert) It is a proposal from the Ministry of Culture and Palau Robert. Sponsored Oscar Dalmau And with the script for Julian Guillamonshe has too Fermin Puig (Documentation), office Architecture Lamazares Pommes (Museography) and graphic design forDoro study. Oscar Dalmau divided the exhibition’s goals as follows: “The exhibition wants to honor a unique artist in Catalan music. Apart from singers and songwriters, she becomes a lost actress. We will consider Filho as a pioneer, entrepreneur, popular, activist and modern artist. I hope that he will be admired by her fans for life and that “New generations are discovering Velio, with a lot of unpublished audio-visual material.”

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