Giuseppe Garibaldi: “Vittorio, Beatrice wants to influence you” – Big Brother 2023

Giuseppe Garibaldi: “Vittorio, Beatrice wants to influence you” – Big Brother 2023

Apparently, the situation Beatrice It continues to bother some of the house’s tenants who during the evening decided to get together to discuss and make some thoughts about their roommate.

Giuseppe admits that he has thought a lot these days, and he is sure that she is a great player, and he believes that the actress approached Vittorio just so that there would be someone next to her who would support her in her choices: “She needs a character to support her in the game.” He says and adds “What do you know… I never said those things because I really care about her.”

“Now it’s time to talk, otherwise you’ll interfere.”
He answers MaximilianShe therefore invites her roommate to express herself and say everything she thinks to expose her.

Also interfere in the conversation Cyrus. The actor admits that he has not yet understood Vittorio’s behavior because, in his opinion, it was unclear: “What game is he playing?”

Agreeing with him, Massimiliano also says he has doubts about his way of doing things: “Vittorio is always in the middle of everything” He shouts and adds “There is little clarity in some situations and in some people.” Speaking of Beatrice, it is believed that she approached the boy not because she was interested in creating a romance with him, but rather to have an ally by her side in this adventure.

“Vittorio told me he likes this friendship with Pia.” Giuseppe explains, but not fully understanding his intentions, he explains that he wants to talk to him to find out more about what happened the night before.

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After talking with some of his pool buddies, the bartender decided to broach the topic with Vittorio. “I think Beatrice became attached to you because she needed you to support her in her game.” She told him, accusing her of being a strategic expert, “I find this approach towards you strange. In a situation where he was unable to mention me during the episode, he asked you to do so.” He states that he is trying to explain the reasons for his doubts, “She wants to influence you” He continues with the intention of warning him.

Vittorio seems very surprised by his partner’s words, and declares that he sees nothing strange at all in this approach on the part of Beatrice, and thus says that he is calm about his partner’s good intentions, “He’s someone I like, we get along well and I enjoy the friendship.” He says while sharing his point of view.

Giuseppe seems unconvinced, as he observes situations and actions that, in his opinion, are not natural or spontaneous. “Then why did he ask you to sleep together last night?” He asks privately.

The engineer continues to remain in his position and replies that in his opinion the actress asked him to sleep together for simple company and nothing more.

The two boys continue to compare each other, each remaining fixed in their own ideas. What will Beatrice think of these accusations against her?

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