A GREAT RETURN TO TV: It’s happening at Christmas

A GREAT RETURN TO TV: It’s happening at Christmas

The long wait is over: one of the pioneering TV shows of yesteryear is ready to return over the Christmas holidays. Great news for fans, who can’t wait at this point.

One of the programs that wrote the history of entertainment in Italy is without a doubt Wheel of fortune: Among the premier television quizzes of the modern era, the show has enjoyed tremendous success over the years. The name of the quiz is closely related to the famous host Mike Bongiornois among the most beloved broadcasters by viewers, and is also among the most influential broadcasters of all time. Wheel of fortune It was first shown in Italy in 1989, and was broadcast until 1996 on Canale 5, before moving to Rete 4 until 2003. The last two editions (from 2007 to 2009) were broadcast on Italia 1. The program is no longer proposed before Mediasetwhich then decided to return to other hit shows, but it’s clear that viewers will always be connected to one of the most iconic quizzes on television.

Now, however, Wheel of fortune is ready to return, much to the delight of all who were hoping for the show’s return. To confirm this, after the announcement he made Pier Silvio Berlusconi While viewing the new table is the host jerry scotty, It is up to him to return the test to small screens.

The Wheel of Fortune is back: Jerry Scotti confirmed

At Christmas, one of the most anticipated events on television is sure to be the return of the Quiz Wheel of fortuneWhich will also be broadcast by Mediaset with unpublished episodes, and hosted by Jerry Scotti.

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The Wheel of Fortune returns for Christmas – LaPresse – rompipalone.it

It is precisely the Milan host who has provided additional confirmation of the program’s inclusion in Biscione’s upcoming schedule. s“We are working on creating a Wheel of Fortune for the upcoming Christmas holiday.”Scotty confirmed in a recent interview with smiles and tv songs, Unleashing the excitement of all those who have waited for nothing more than the return of one of the most beloved quizzes of all time. Moreover, the broadcaster himself confirmed that he was indeed about to host the popular program in the past, but at that time nothing had been done about it.

At the present time, there are no official indications about when the first episode will be shown, nor about other information regarding the time period chosen to re-present the Wheel of Fortune, which in the meantime is ready to entertain millions of viewers in front of the public. TV again.

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