Surgery in Piedmont. History of the flag and the region

Surgery in Piedmont.  History of the flag and the region

The Turin Academy of Medicine is organizing on Friday December 10 at 5 pm a presentation of the new text by Mario Nano, Professor of General Surgery and Member of the Academy, entitled “Surgery in Piedmont. History of Science and the Region” (Editions of Minerva Medica, 2021). The text will be commented on by Bruno Gambarotta and Mario Nano. It is administered by the President of the Academy of Medicine, Giancarlo Izia.

The book gradually presents the personalities of surgeons who, through their observations and studies, have made advances and innovations in the specialty. The facts he presents are of interest to both the specialist and the passionate reader of history, or even simply the curious reader. The large number of characters and the fragmentation of their stories, detailed facts, and events relating to hospitals and university institutions turn into endless pieces of mosaic that, as reading progresses, form into a large graphic illustrated in detail. km as a whole. Readability of the text is also facilitated by the rich iconographic documentation” (from the foreword by Stefano Giona, Rector of the University of Turin).

With reference to recent safety regulations, it will be possible to interfere with the presence only if it is equipped with a green lane and through prior reservation ( or by calling n. 011/6709607). It is also required to fill out the form for this purpose Link.

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