Events on Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 August 2023

Events on Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 August 2023

The weekend in mid-August, which anticipates August 15th and which, for many, becomes a 4-day long bridge. On Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th August, many Romans will have left the capital for their long-awaited vacations, but many more will be returning to Rome, eager to experience a weekend that still has holiday flavour.

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Here are 13 events not to be missed on Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 August in Rome and surrounding areas:

This is wonderland

In Rome, the success of “This is Wonderland” continues, the event that will illuminate the Giardino delle Cascate on Lake Eur all summer long. A narrative path that traces and transcends the boundaries of exhibition art and brings the magic of light to the stage. The famous garden will remain extraordinarily open from 7pm to 2am to transform itself as if by magic into a vivid fairy tale telling of one of the most beautiful classics of literature: Alice in Wonderland. An all-new reinterpretation of This is Wonderland, which begins with the following questions: What if Alice never came back? What if the end of this dream is not one, but multiple? What if we were still living them? [TUTTE LE INFORMAZIONI]

Fish and wine

From Itale Roma there is Fish & Wine, the city’s drinking and dining appointment, in the Ostiense store in Piazzale 12 Ottobre, which will be open every day, from Monday to Sunday, from 9 to midnight. In the three Eataly restaurants, you can enjoy many fish dishes and combinations that add to the classic menu. Every day it will be possible to taste dishes prepared for the occasion, accompanied by the best local wines. [TUTTE LE INFORMAZIONI]

“Michelangelo Pistoletto. Infinity”

For those who want to devote time to culture, on the weekend in mid-August, the cycle “Michelangelo Pistoletto. Infinity” is held in Chiostro del Bramante. Fifty works and four large installations are site-specific. Almost 60 years of art, almost 90 years of life. A complete and wonderful narrative track. Certainly not a traditional exhibition but rather a story, an experience that takes you through the emblematic works of Michelangelo Pistoletto (Biella, 1933) – from date to latest, from 1966 to 2023 – on an exciting journey into poetry and the world, the many worlds, of one of the masters of contemporary art. [TUTTE LE INFORMAZIONI]

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Arosticini Festival, beer and agro-food products from Lazio

Abruzzo meets Rome at the Arosticini Festival, beer and agro-food products from Lazio. It takes place on August 12, 13, 14 and 15 in Lake Castel Gandolfo. To accompany the typical dishes of Abruzzo, you can find agro-food products from Lazio such as Porchetta di Ariccia, Castelli red wines and river beers. [TUTTE LE INFORMAZIONI]

“Lifesaver Reuse & Recycle”, Summer’s Greenest Environment Award

Aquafelix Civitavecchia water park promotes a challenge in the name of reuse and recycling. Loops, armrests and mattresses, indispensable summer accessories that, once damaged, are often left everywhere and here. With the aim of promoting green work, Aquafelix offers responsible fun with two special days, August 12 and 13, in which it will be possible to participate in the Eco Palio, A decidedly eco-friendly event that was a huge success last year at Zoomarine Park and which in this edition reaches the ‘Reuse & Recycle Lifeguard’ version. [TUTTE LE INFORMAZIONI]

Under a shooting star sky

The magic of shooting stars fascinates the Rocca di Cave Planetarium. On August 10, 11 and 12, starting at 21 o’clock, all astronomy lovers will have access to the planetarium for three special evenings dedicated to the Perseids, the shining stars in the summer sky. A guided tour of the night sky, with a detailed explanation of the visible stars, constellations and planets during the evening, a planetarium show with a focus on meteors and asteroids, meteor shows and telescope observation, in addition to direct observation of the summer sky with specialized telescopes to capture great details of the wonderful celestial show. [TUTTE LE INFORMAZIONI]

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Street food in Anguillara

TTS Street Food comes to Anguillara to celebrate August 15th, surrounded by hills and green meadows on the shores of Lake Bracciano. For 5 days, until August 15th, real street food will cheer participants along the lake lines. It will be possible to have an exclusive lunch at the many “lake” tables available to everyone, choosing the most delicious dishes among specialties from all over Italy and the world. Moreover, there will be music, scenography and many light plays to create an unforgettable atmosphere from lunch to dinner. [TUTTE LE INFORMAZIONI]

Summer edition of the Green Market Festival

The “Summer Edition” of the Green Market Festival returns to Santa Marinella for the long weekend of August 15th. Far from being just a market, the Green Market Festival is also a place of culture and gathering, where you can attend high-quality concerts and performances, listen to excellent music, enjoy dance sessions or refresh yourself with all-inclusive activities. Admission is always free, as are most activities. Pamper yourself from yoga, concerts, “classic” DJ sets with 70’s, 80’s and 90’s sounds, learn to dance the Argentine tango and much more. Even children will find their own little corner of paradise with the many activities suggested by the lively Betta Loka. [TUTTE LE INFORMAZIONI]

Tusculum sky, stargazing, music and archeology

Until Saturday, August 12, the “Tuscolo Sky” arrives in Tusculum Park, a manifestation of stargazing, music, and archeology. In particular, on Saturday there will be “Lights in the night of Tusculum”, the ancient city and its stories with Emanuela Bettinelli (archaeologist) a concert by Simona Severini and Jacopo Ferrazza “Nausica” (double bass, voice and guitar). The silent system features wireless speakers fitted at the entrance. [TUTTE LE INFORMAZIONI]

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Fettuccine Festival with Porcini Mushrooms

One of Sabina’s most celebrated and celebrated festivals dates back to Casaprotta. Fettuccine Festival with Porcini Mushrooms, scheduled this year for Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th August. The festival is the main event of the “Ferragosto Casaprotano”, an event expressed in a program rich in music, sports, performances and gastronomy. [TUTTE LE INFORMAZIONI]

Snail Festival

The 26th edition of the Snail Festival returns to Graffignano, in the province of Viterbo. The event will take place from the 10th to the 15th of August. The tasting of snails cooked according to the oldest recipes typical of Alta Tosia will be accompanied by excellent local and non-local wines. [TUTTE LE INFORMAZIONI]

Sagnozzi Festival in Riofreddo

On Saturday August 12, in Piazzale Ricciotti Garibaldi in Riofreddo, the Sagnozzi Festival returns. Sagnozzi is the typical dish par excellence of the city of Riofreddo, masterfully prepared by hand with simple ingredients such as water and flour, representing the taste and authenticity of tradition. [TUTTE LE INFORMAZIONI]

Fried Pizza Festival in Nerola

The 30th edition of the Pizza Frida Festival takes place on August 13 during Nerolese Ferragosto. The historic festival of the village of Nerola will offer typical pizzas to taste, fried in extra virgin olive oil from the hills of Nerola, seasoned with salt or sugar. There will also be roast lamb, hash browns, draft beer and Nutella crepes. [TUTTE LE INFORMAZIONI]

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