IMPRONT, Science Festival 2023 in Genoa from 26 October to 5 November

IMPRONT, Science Festival 2023 in Genoa from 26 October to 5 November

Genoa – titled “Fingerprints” Returns to Genoa from 26 October to 5 November Science FestivalAnd pillar of scientific culture dissemination.

Genoa City will be open for eleven days The doors of cultural spaces To host a program full of conferences, exhibitions, workshops, shows and other events as always. In view of the twenty-first edition, which will have specifically the keynote “Fingerprints”, The Science Festival reveals this year’s official photo.

The official image is a Japanese technology

The image was created by Ligurian artist Elena Di Capita using the Japanese gyotaku technique, from gyo, “fish” and taku, which means “imprint on stone”. Traditional Japanese wayand fish prints, widespread since the mid-nineteenth century. “By tradition – said the event director in a note Fulvia Mangeli – We’re getting closer to the Science Festival by revealing a photo of the new edition. Classy and elegant image is the main word of this year with Multiple interpretations both in terms of the topics and proposals proposed.” Several topics that, as always, will be taken up in Science Festivalwith A particularly large area dedicated to sustainability.

Cnr at Palazzo Ducale

On the occasion of its centenary, the National Research Council will attend the festival at the Ducal Palace with the exhibition “The Anthropocene. Earth with Fire and Sword”. The events in Piazza delle Feste in Porto Antico will be dedicated to the fundamental role of scientific research in the protection of the environment, the usual heart of the workshops for children and adolescents, always crowded with classes visiting the festival. The focus will be on technology To the future of applications of artificial intelligence and robotics, Increasingly pervasive in people’s lives, with the moral implications the festival will develop with its usual scientific rigor.

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Genoa Book Capital 2023

On the occasion of the “Genoa Capital of Books 2023” project, in the general schedule of conferences and presentations that are currently being completed, The custom project will find space Dedicated to the value of reading as a tool for the dissemination of science: a series of close and informal meetings with key science contacts in Italy.

event locations

True to tradition, the festival will occupy the main cultural and entertainment spaces of the city, in the usual spirit of mutual synergy. Almost every year 50 The city spaces touched by the event, including Palazzo Ducale, Palazzo della Borsa, Palazzo Reale, Galata Museo del Mare, Aquarium of Genoa and almost all The Civic and National Museums of Genoa.

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