Katia Ricciarelli marries after VIP GF / ‘I hope I’m never wrong again’

Katia Ricciarelli marries after VIP GF / ‘I hope I’m never wrong again’

Katia Ricciarelli marry after Big Brother VIP 2021. “Once I’m out, I can’t wait to get out because I want to get married” is the confession made by the sopranos to Carmen Russo. The girl summoned in confession by Alfonso Signorini confirms this: “She told me that she was in love with someone.” It’s all true: it is Katya herself who assures “I hope I don’t make mistakes again, we always have another chance in life, always,” she says, leaving everyone speechless.

After being summoned to the confession centre, Ricciarelli admits: “We met a long time ago in Puglia.” More is not known, but Signorini from the study is ready to investigate. (Update by Emanuel Ambrosio)

Katia Ricciarelli admits: “There is an important person there …”

During today’s episode of morning 5, parentheses dedicated to Big brother VIP There was a lot of talk about the various heroes of the reality show hosted by Alfonso Signorini and among others as well Katia Ricciarelli. Journalist Azzurra Della Penna, Registry of the weekly Chi, spoke on the morning broadcast of Canale 5 and commented on the interior dynamics of Cinecittà’s most spied on homes. Presenter Francesco Vicchi confirmed the opera singer’s desire to marry.

The journalist intervened in this regard with an explanation of what was going to happen in the previous episode: “It happened on Friday evening that while all the rooms were moved to Alex and Soleil who had already ran to get an e-cigarette, Carmen Russo and Katia Ricciarelli were left alone.”. At that juncture, the soup was going to pressure his girlfriend to reveal her “secret” publicly.

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Katia Ricciarelli: “I’m getting married!” Is this just a provocation?

Katia Ricciarelli She is ready for marriage? While talking to her friend, Fibona would spill the beans by emphasizing: “There is a fairly important person outside the house and I understand here that he is very important”. So, as the journalist recounted, the opera singer could have added a great detail with his assertion: “When I go out I get married!”.

According to Azura della Pena, that could have been the verdict “I was thrown there like this”But it is not clear whether behind Katya’s words was a mere provocation, a satirical joke to calm spirits, or something serious and real. The real question at this point is another question: Who is the mysterious man? But especially when will he get out of the house of the GF Vip? We will find an answer to the second question this evening, when all the Vippons are called to reveal their decision on residence, while in an alleged marriage it may be necessary to wait a little longer for all the details of the case.

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