“Now part of the struggle” – Corriere.it

“Now part of the struggle” – Corriere.it
From Lorenzo Cremonese and the foreign editorial staff

Saturday 3 September news live. More rapprochement between Russia and China: from Sunday, Vladimir Putin will participate in military exercises with the Asian country

• The war came in Ukraine Today 192.
• The European Union has reached an agreement on the ceiling of gas prices. Moscow shuts down Nord Stream gas pipeline 1. EU spokesperson: Unreliable supplier.
• Zelensky Al Ambrosity Forum Thanks Draghi: Willing to increase gas exports to the European Union.
• US President Biden asked Congress for another 13.7 billion for Kiev.
• Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov: The United States is on the verge of direct involvement in the conflict.
• Director of Aiea Grossi afterwards Inspection of the Zaporizhzhia power plant: The security systems worked, but there were interruptions.

09:51 – Orbn in Moscow for Gorbachev’s funeral, but he won’t meet Putin

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orben is visiting Moscow today to honor Mikhail Gorbachev. This was reported by government sources in Budapest. The Kremlin specifies that Orbin will be in the Russian capital for Gorbachev’s funeral, but a meeting with Vladimir Putin is not expected.

08:28 – Moscow will keep the main EU gas pipeline closed. Brussels: Ahead of us on the roof at the price of gas

The Russian pipeline to Germany will not reopen as planned on Saturday. Russia’s state-owned energy company Gazprom has announced the indefinite shutdown of Nord Stream 1 due to a turbine leak.
Unfortunately, Gazprom’s move was not a surprise. The President of the European Council, Charles Michel, responded in a tweet on Twitter, using gas as a weapon that will not change the resolve of the European Union. We will accelerate our path towards energy independence. Our duty is to protect our citizens and support the freedom of Ukraine. The EU and G7 finance ministers confirmed their determination to set a cap on the price of gas. A file on the strategic reserves of our country over here

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7:44 a.m. – This morning, at 9 a.m., the last farewell to Gorbachev, without Western leaders

Without Putin, but also without Western leaders. The final farewell to Gorbachev, which begins this morning at 9 a.m. in the historic Pilar Hall of the Chamber of Trade Unions, like many of his Soviet predecessors, will not be just a state funeral, a sign that the current leadership in the Kremlin does not care much about honoring the legacy of Perestroika’s father, who was He had recently criticized the invasion of Ukraine.
Even many Western leaders, who certainly wished to attend the funeral of the last Soviet leader, remembered that they were the face of the season of détente, dialogue and international disarmament. They will be removed from the new Cold War atmosphere between East and West that arose after the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

7:34 – Moscow urges US to resume new nuclear inspections

Russia urges the United States to continue contacts through diplomatic channels in order to resume inspections under the New Start Treaty as soon as possible. This was stated by the Russian ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov, according to reports from TASS. Antonov said that we ask the United States to continue contacts through diplomatic channels with a view to resuming inspections as soon as possible on the basis of parity provided by New Start. The New Beginning is a nuclear arms reduction treaty signed by the United States and Russia in Prague on April 8, 2010

05:56 – Putin from tomorrow to military exercises with China

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until the Geopolitical effects of the warincludingMore approach between Russia and China. Starting Sunday, Vladimir Putin will be on his way toRussian Far East – From Kamchatka to Vladivostok – to participate in several Economic Meetings and supervising the final stage of Maxi military exercises Vostok 2022 (East 2022), has about 50 thousand soldiers, 140 combat aircraft and 60 naval units. The maneuvers that Beijing sent toHuge military delegationwith more than two thousand soldiers and 300 vehicles, and for the first time in the Russian-led operational circle, agencies From the Army, Navy and Air Force.

05:53 – Moscow, USA is about to take a direct part in the conflict

The Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Russian Sergei Ryabkov to caution Washington since then Providing long-range weapons to Ukraine, noting that the United States onAbout to get involved directly into the conflict. Then Ryabkov referred to the country’s military doctrine, which statesUse of nuclear weapons In the event of a threat to the existence of the Russian state.

have repeatedly warned United State Archaeology It could happen if they continue Ukraine flood Ryabkov said Washington was on the verge of becoming a party to the conflict. The Deputy Foreign Minister, speaking on Russian television, warned that very narrow margin Separating the United States from becoming a party to the conflict should not create the illusion that everything will remain the same. If this margin will be crossed. Ryabkov then pointed out that Russian military doctrine provides for the possibility of Use of nuclear weapons In case aggression For Russia and its allies with Weapons of mass destruction or with aggression conventional weapons that threaten the existence of the Russian state.

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We warn the United States not to do so provocative stepssuch as handing over weapons to B Long-term The most destructive thing, Ryabkov said, is the road that leads nowhere and it follows Serious consequenceswhose the responsibility You will fall for it completely Washington.

11:18 pm – Zaporizhzhya authority, Kyiv bombed the central region

Ukrainian forces resumed a bomb The area where the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant is located. This was stated by Vladimir Rogov, member of the Main Council of the Military and Civil Administration of the Zaporozhye Region, controlled by the RussiansAccording to reports from TASS. there nuclear power plant From Zaporizhzhya again Under pressure at bay From Zelensky’s fighters! In the last two hours, at least four times Rogov added that the factory area was bombed, and said that the shelling started around 21:10.

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