Ambassador Zazu: “In Ukraine there are 400 Italians, some of them are trapped” – the world

Ambassador Zazu: “In Ukraine there are 400 Italians, some of them are trapped” – the world

“The number of Italians in Ukraine used to be 2000, now they are 400. Many of them want to stay because their lives are in Ukraine, with their wives and children. But Some are unfortunately trapped, they are unable to leave the country.” This was stated by the Italian ambassador to Ukraine, Pier Francesco Zazzo, in an interview with Che tempo che fa on Rai 3 regarding Lviv. The fact that the Italian embassy is still located in Ukraine is an important aspect that the Ukrainian government appreciates, but also a psychological support for the Italians present,” Zazu added.

“Militarily, Russia is superior. It may arrive in tanks in the center of Ukrainian cities, but then it will not be able to install a pro-Russian client regime. Even in already occupied cities there is a popular uprising,” he said.. the ambassador said. Ambassador Zazu added: “There is strong popular support for Zelensky, the struggle for freedom is underway” and “there is a danger of a guerrilla war in the cities, which could become a partisan struggle in the future.”

He added, “The negotiating efforts initiated by Israel and Turkey did not yield the expected results. It is not easy, because the negotiation between the Russians and the Ukrainians is an unequal one. Zelensky was ready to concede to the Donbass, in the Crimea, and perhaps also in Mariupol, if he lost it, he is ready to make concessions on neutrality, but The real problem is disarmamentBecause the Ukrainians do not trust.”

“The bombing did not reach Lviv. We hope that the military escalation will not reach here either. There is a lot of panic because the Russians have surrounded the big cities,” he added. Life in Lviv proceeds in an almost normal way, but you feel stress, ” The ambassador said in a call from Lviv, where he noted that “of the G7 countries, only the embassies of Italy and France are located,” while “the majority of other countries have moved to Poland.” “Putin will not be able to accept the humiliation of military defeat,” he said. Russian pride depends mainly on military power. I do not believe in a world war because NATO does not want it, but the moment is fraught with danger,” said Ambassador Zazu.

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