Without technology you cannot win” – Corriere.it

Without technology you cannot win” – Corriere.it

Army Chief of Staff Speaks: Planes and helicopters cannot resist the modern battlefield. Today this model is no longer working

General Pietro Sereno, you are the chief of staff of the army, you command over 90,000 men and women, and you are a great expert in military planning, you know war By profession and because he studied it for a long time during his training: What do you think about it A clash we have seen for two months in the heart of Europe?
What do you think about sharing the analyzes made in recent weeks?

“I was born as a deputy communications official, and I had to periodically in my life update my knowledge on new technologies. Every war, since the one waged by the ancient Romans, is based on the effectiveness of communications and technology. Russia against Ukraine makes no difference, e Perhaps the Russians did not understand this all the way through.”

What you mean?

“I have a picture: today the fighter bombers of the past have been replaced by drones, the radio has been replaced by satellite, let’s find out who the new travel companions are modern army. I think the fact that armored formations should be underestimated Tech tools different from the pastIt is also for this reason that we find ourselves today in great difficulty.”

They planned a blitzkrieg in the Kremlin and it didn’t happen.

“I think one of the most relevant considerations relates specifically to the new electronic and space domains, which are perhaps not critical, but certainly play a decisive role: if they are not able to exploit access to electronic technology and control of space, then modern militaries could have difficulty big “.

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Could this gap between Russians make a difference in the long run?

“I seem to note that at the moment the use of satellite systems and the use of drones by the contenders are not balanced, the armored forces are protected by aircraft and helicopters that today are unable to withstand on the modern battlefield, which are also dominated by shoulder, anti-aircraft and anti-tank missiles Counter. Air coverage today is very risky, and therefore ineffective, and we still see the use of attack formations in the classic mode, which we knew in the 90s, so to speak, I am referring to the Gulf War: today this model is not pay more. “

Does this mean that all analyzes of the numerical strength of the Russian army have a relative value?

“We have been discussing for weeks the coordination of forces, from the tens of thousands of soldiers deployed, but little is known about the numerical entity and the nature of the opponents in the field. Of course, the land must be inhabited, and human resources remain essential for the defense, conquest and preservation of the land, but forces that lack mastery of technological means eventually surrender, it is a classic rule, since the time of the Roman wars.”

The Italian Army will complete 161 tomorrow. You are managing a very large transformation of the armed means at your disposal. Is our army modern enough?

“In the past twenty years, it has also been a leader in our country, both within and outside national borders, and has won the trust of all our allies and the population with whom we have contact. Now that we have faced various missions, we must renew the fleet of armored forces. We are working on it, and no We invest only in new tanks and helicopters, but above all in ammunition, and artillery system with great accuracy up to 70 km. In the helicopter field, we leave behind a park dating back to the 1980s. The resources are there and I hope Parliament, this and the next, will continue to share pointers Secretary Greene who believes in the need, in the interests of national strategic interests, for the necessary and effective modernization of the armed forces, and for which I wish to define .Army 4.0.”

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What do you think of the European army project, which has accelerated since the war in Ukraine?

“I think the key concepts are the integration, the interoperability and the synergistic relationship between European military forces and industries. Our first task is to defend the nation and its interests, and the second is to defend Euro-Atlantic interests. The fundamental cornerstone is that the two dimensions, NATO and the European, continue to coexist, but with a military capacity based on the non-duplication of military hardware, with a single group of forces that can operate under both organizations: this is an indispensable concept.”

Let’s go back to the ongoing war.

“The cyber dimension is now so pervasive that outsourcing operations to individual armed forces becomes counterproductive, even with classic coordination. We need a common approach, with a very strong centralization towards a single command of all operations, and I think in the Western world there is a much greater awareness of this.”

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