“Now he doesn’t want to talk to me anymore.”

Elisabetta Viviani was a guest of Serena Burtoni on RaiUno’s Today Is Another Day. Singer, presenter, actress and former partner of Gianni Rivera, she achieved huge success singing “Heidi”, a song that has sold 1.5 million copies. Of his relationship with the former Milan champion he had his daughter Nicole: “A photographer called me to see if I wanted to take a picture on the cover of“ TV, Smiles and Songs ”with a football team. Since my dad is from Milan and I really like Gianni Rivera, I said yes. On the other hand, Gianni refused to shoot, but he called me a month later and asked for my mother’s phone number. He invited me abroad, fulfilled my dream. He took me on a tour of Milan’s ring road and I fell in love. He immediately tried to approach and I refused and from there the relationship began » .

Elisabetta Viviani and Gianni Rivera: “Now you don’t want to talk to me anymore”

“The story lasted for 7 years, and ended a little because of the difference of ten years, and then because we had so little in common – Elisabetta Viviani added – for me it was so much love, we no longer feel her choice, though in the presence of my forty-year-old daughter Nicole. If I had met him today, I would have said “hello” and that’s it…».

Elisabetta Viviani, in “Today is another day”

Elisabetta Viviani, guest star of Serena Burton on “Today’s Another Day” on RaiUno, told how she came to interpret the record-breaking theme song for the cartoon Heidi: “My mom – she explained – loved everything that was shown, she always pushed me to perform and gave me a passion for this world I arrived at RaiUno on a Saturday night when I was 18. The success was sudden, and everyone started calling me for covers and newspapers. At that point I was part of a small record company that was acquired, from there Rca called me and at twenty-three I recorded the lead single of ” Heidi” … “.

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