Verona, Italian pop stars in the arena at the night of “Power Hits Estate”

Verona, Italian pop stars in the arena at the night of “Power Hits Estate”

The ring in the colors of the night of fate

many years ago, My dad was there on stage at the Verona Arena to talk about music via the Festivalbar. Now as if there was a passing stick. Jodi Cicito, radio speaker and presenter, is excited, thinking that tonight he will step on the same stage as his father Claudio Cicito, a brilliant record producer, best known as a talent scout for popular music and television artists including Fiorello, Amadeus, Jovanotti, gli 883, Sabrina Salerno and many more. Because I didn’t ask him for any advice – Judy smiles – I said “Let me do it”, we’ll talk about it later.

Parade of stars in the ring

S why, If the Festivalbar was ever to recount the successes of the summer, for six years the RTL 102.5 Power Hits Estate 2022 has been thinking about it. To release a slogan under the sun, this is the most popular song, the most sung and danced on the beaches and at high altitudes. The appointment is in Arena di Verona tonight at 8.45pm and will be broadcast on RTL 102.5 Radio, streaming on RTL 102.5 Play and on unified networks on Radio Zeta, Sky Uno, TV8 and NOW (Live viewing tickets have been sold out.) Radio conductors will be honored Paola Di Benedetto, Judi Cicito and Matteo Campesiwhich will alternate with the top performers of the contemporary music scene: attendees, in alphabetical order, for Alessandra Amoroso That room 209 alpha With the song you make me so happy, Aries With everything (with you) and again Baby K Who will play bolero, blanco With nostalgia, Bomdabash and Annalisawith Tropicana Carl Brave And the Noemi With Hula-Hoop, cone With you being free, Darin with superstar Elodie with Tribale, Fabri Vibra And the Maurizio Carocciwith the stars videosAnd the Tanani And the Mara satyTogether for La dolce vita, folia With Tutt’okkei, Francesca Michelin with bonsoir, Francesco Japanese With peace and love Franco 126 And the loredana burt sea ​​of ​​sorrow, Fred de Palma with Ecstasy, Expensive and madam with Barry, Gianni Morandi ala, erama With BamBamBamBamBamBam, List representative with Diva, pleasure With their release from prison, Malika Ain with a girl, Marco Mingoni without pressure, Miss Keita With Finimondo, Tactical Nuclear Penguins With Young Wannabe, Psychologists with on the walls Ruf with chakrando Rocco Hunt And the Lamborghini Eletra with caramel Digital With broken bones, Sangiovanni with Scosa and Tommaso Paradiso with Beauve in Paradiso. Expected big name names have been added to this dense list: Biagio Antonacci and Eros Ramazzotti.

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Power Hits Summer 2022 who will win it? RTL 102.5 has already won! – These are the words, full of pride, Lorenzo Soracci, President of RTL 102.5 – Full capacity is back at the beautiful and lively Verona circuit. It will be a real show with live music. Power Hits Summer 2022 is a reference point for the record industry, and record companies want to get in on the action with all of their artists and their big hits. Moreover, appointments for next year have already been announced: June 10 in Rome, and August 29 and 30 in Verona. RTL 102.5 Power Hits Estate – La Compilation will be released on July 5th Available in triple and digital CD, it contains the 66 most streamed Italian and world music tracks of the summer. With the Power Hit Estate, we bring the radio to the stage – explains Federica Gentile, Artistic Director of Radio Zeta radio station And the author of coordination with Angelo Baiguini -. Times are radio times, unstoppable stream of songs, one by one, all summer songs to sing and dance together, non-stop. We have very quick phase changes, all taken care of to the smallest detail and achievable by a team of great professionals. We opened the summer on June 9 with Radio Zeta Future Hits 2022 at the Auditorium Parco della Musica Ennio Morricone, where some great summer songs were performed, like Franco126 and broadcast live for the first time Tribale by Elodie and now we’re closing in the ring with RTL 102.5 Power Hits Estate 2022. Angelo Paigwini adds: “We are very happy to be back in the track for the sixth time and very happy that we are all sold out in a few days.rni. Also this summer we satiated our desire for music, which was so strong, and this evening we will let you hear it both together and at the same time. All those who want to experience the wonderful event closely with Cecilia Songini and Niccol Giustini and continue the making of the show can contact RTL 102.5 Play. On the homepage of RTL 102.5 Play, in fact, from 12.30 a behind-the-scenes channel will be active through which it will be possible to watch additional and exclusive contents of everything that will happen, from the red carpet to the backstage, all day until the winner is announced at the end of the evening .

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