Norway is pushing for a full reopening and extending the vaccine to young people

OSLO, Norway | With new COVID-19 cases reported in recent days, Norway on Thursday again postponed the complete lifting of its health restrictions and extended the vaccine supply to 12-15 year olds.

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“Reopening today (company, note) will put today at greater risk of pollution,” Prime Minister Erna Solberg announced during a press conference, adding that the legislature had started badly a few days into the coalition of law.

“We don’t want to take this risk when all adults have a little time to protect themselves with the vaccine,” he argued.

The Scandinavian nation began to gradually raise its health measures before the summer as the anti-govt vaccine was advancing and infection was declining in its soil.

Despite the risk of a new wave of pollution, it repeatedly postponed the implementation of its last phase, which could lead to a semi-standardization.

On Thursday, Solberg said he aims to return to normal life “by the end of September”, when he believes 90% of adults will be vaccinated.

That figure was 71.9% on Wednesday, while 89.1% of adults received their first dose, according to the Norwegian Public Health Agency.

The number of contaminants has risen sharply in recent years to reach record levels among young people, especially after the start of the school year, as the contagious delta variant spreads.

Following the recommendations of health officials, the government has opened the vaccine for 12-15 year olds (with a single dose at this stage), while it is reserved for 16 year olds and over.

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With the restrictions in place, there is a ceiling on the number of people in the meeting, although the cap has been raised to 5,000 indoors and 7,000 outdoors.

Scandinavian Assembly elections are set for September 13. Polls point to the victory of the “red-green” opposition, although the outgoing government was generally praised for handling the health crisis.

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