Americans discover divine painter on the web

Americans discover divine painter on the web

Five hundred years later, “Pietro Vannucci” also scrolls the web excellently. So much so that on the occasion of the anniversary of his death he managed to arouse great public interest able to promote gate visits dedicated to his personality, his art, the places that preserve his works, and the events that celebrate his importance. Activity:
platform numbers. This is confirmed by the “traffic” data for the past two months (January – February 2023) compared to the previous two months: in fact, there is a clear increase in the number of users, increasing by 129.99%, of which 129.77% visited the portal for the first time, due to the growth of sessions on the site equivalent to 134.93% and page views 155.46%. There are also regular and frequent visitors: in this regard, there is a 2.15% increase in sessions per user, with a 12.75% increase in the time spent on the site. The translation of the texts of the site into English allows easy consultation outside the borders of the peninsula, reaching a wide foreign audience: in addition to Italian users, we find visitors in the lead from the United States, the United Kingdom and Germany, whose presence on the site increased by 143.26%, 18.97% and 109.68% respectively. The insights data presented in the official social pages of the Perugino2023 project also confirm the ever-growing trend: interactions on Facebook and Instagram have in fact increased by up to 70.4%, confirming the interest of visitors and experts in this important anniversary. . The platform is complemented by a page dedicated to some suggested itineraries, which recall representative places of Perugino’s life and production, and which together with the “News” and “Events” sections, constantly updated, are configured as useful tools for planning your visit to Umbria.

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The Impossible Show. The highlight of the platform is the Impossible Gallery, so named because works that are, by their nature, immovable are physically displayed in one location. Created digitally in the elegant halls of the Palazzo della Corgna in Città della Pieve, the exhibition is curated by Professor Francesco Federico Mancini and can be visited free of charge through the portal. It offers a precious virtual retrospective of the most important frescoes created by Perugino, starting with the works of his youth, retracing the period of maximum splendor achieved with the undertakings in the Sistine Chapel and in the Nobile Collegio del Cambio, right up to the last Umbrian works created in maturity.

Free chance. Aldo Pascucci, Vice President of Archimede Arte says: “We can only be satisfied with the excellent performance – the data confirms that the platform and related replays on social media pages are working very well and represents a great opportunity for all museums preserving the work of the divine painter. In particular, I take this opportunity to remind all local authorities and associations that one of the main purposes of the platform is to promote the initiatives, events and activities that will be organized throughout 2023. News that aims to communicate these initiatives and banners with relevant links to increase their visibility and effectiveness. All completely free of charge.

“Typical” portal. The platform, created by Archimede Arte thanks to funding from the Region of Umbria (POR FESR 2014-2020 Tender dedicated to “supporting the development of products and services complementary to the promotion of specific natural attractions in the Region, also through the integration of companies of cultural, creative and leisure chains), was born as a gateway to promote For major events A promotional portal that has seen strong growth in visits in the first months of 2023 after the launch and presentation that took place in Palazzo Donini, in Perugia, in September 2022. The first edition of this format is dedicated to the painter Pietro Vannucci, known as il Perugino, on the occasion The 500th anniversary of his death, which falls in 2023. The site, in Italian and English, counts the membership of 28 institutions and museums from all over the world and contains the complete catalog of almost 200 works produced by the great master Umbrian during his long and fruitful artistic career: with a few clicks you can virtually ” Cross the threshold of all the museums, churches, and institutions that host them, and it is possible for you to be aware of all the initiatives to be held on the 500th anniversary.

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