$10 billion for artificial intelligence – Multiplayer.it

$10 billion for artificial intelligence – Multiplayer.it

Microsoft Investments in artificial intelligence continue with additional significant cash flow expected in the coming years Open AI: Around $10 billionaccording to reports from Bloomberg, which will be invested over the next few years.

All part of a “billion-dollar” agreement regarding the use and development of OpenAI technology by Microsoft, and it comes just a few days after a staff reduction discussion has affected the company, with 10,000 layoffs by the company last week. Investing in AI should lead to its application in many new areas and enable “new classes of digital experiences” that include user-facing services and business products.

Among the main elements of this agreement are Azure OpenAI Service, a meeting point between the technology in question and the cloud domain in which Microsoft has already been investing for years. Thus, the Redmond company will increase its investment in supercomputers capable of accelerating the search for OpenAI, in increasingly close contact with Azure over “several years,” according to the agreement.

Microsoft began investing in OpenAI in 2019, and then followed with a new mandate in 2021, increasing the initial investment by $2 billion. Thus, the new agreement will continue to collaborate over the next few years with additional cash flow in the respective technology, after launching various initiatives such as natural language programming and the graphic design tool DALL-E 2, in addition to the popular bot tool. gpt chatwhich will soon be integrated into Azure.

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