Sedentary lifestyle: How often do you get up from your desk, according to science

Sedentary lifestyle: How often do you get up from your desk, according to science

Sitting for a long time, without breaks, increases the risk of chronic diseases. But some scientists have figured out how often we should stand to avoid this

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A sedentary lifestyle is an ugly beast: according to the World Health Organization, it doubles your risk Cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity. And with physical inactivity, especially associated with tobacco use and poor diet, it also increases Risks of colon cancer, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, metabolic disorders, depression and anxiety. Among the most dangerous activities that require sitting are working at a desk: Even sitting without a break for hours can increase your risk of chronic disease. But there’s good news: Scientists have figured out how often we should stand to mitigate the risks that come with prolonged sitting.

Desk: How often do we have to get up

Second A study published in the journalAmerican College of Sports Medicine In order to “defuse” 30 minutes of sitting at a desk, 5 minutes of easy walking is enough At a rate of 3 kilometers per hour, which is much slower than we walk. In short, you walk to stretch your legs.

  • One minute of walking, every 30 minutes at your desk.
  • Walk 1 minute every 60 minutes at your desk.
  • 5 minutes walk every 30 minutes on your desk.
  • 5 minutes walk every 60 minutes on your desk.
  • No walking.

Each participant was also provided with standard meals and the researchers monitored their blood pressure and blood sugar levels. discovery? The participants’ blood sugar levels and blood pressure dropped after 5 minutes of walking for every 30 minutes of sitting. “Just as we have recommendations on how much fruit and vegetables we should eat each day and how much exercise we should get, we should give (people) specific guidance on how to combat the harms of sitting,” he explains. Study lead author Keith Diaz, professor of behavioral medicine at Columbia University. “We finally have an answer. There are a lot of adults out there who have jobs or lifestyles of sitting for extended periods. We can now provide them with guidance on what to do to reduce the health risks that come with sitting for too long.”

Because sitting for a long time is bad for you

Scientists still don’t know exactly why prolonged sitting is so harmful, but the best guess is Muscles play an important role in regulating blood sugar and cholesterol levels. And if we sit for a long time, the muscles do not have the opportunity to contract and work optimally. comment d. Diaz. In other words, sitting is like tying up the blood vessels in the legs. This eventually changes blood flow and can lead to high blood pressure.

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But a short walk can prevent all of this by restoring regular blood flow to your legs. Does five minutes every half hour seem like too much to some? No problem: According to Team Columbia, the optimal time is just that, however Also snacks from physical activityHow do Walking for one minute per office hour may reduce participants’ blood pressure. “As long as we can interrupt the session with some kind of movement, we will still get some benefit,” says Dr. Diaz. “The hope now is to find the minimum amount of movement everyone needs to prevent the health damage from prolonged sitting.”

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