From Chiara Ferragni to Hailey Bieber, VIPs have rediscovered the white tank top

From Chiara Ferragni to Hailey Bieber, VIPs have rediscovered the white tank top

The most fashionable clothes of summer are also the simplest and most basic one can imagine. This year, the heads of fashion addicts turned to the classic white blouse, which was stolen from the men’s wardrobe, ignored by fashion for years and now rediscovered with all its sexy potential. Simple, fresh and versatile, perfect for summer wear. VIPs never give up on flaunting it, among those who make it more attractive than ever and those who wear it along with the suit.

sexy with transparencies

Marica Pellegrinelli white sleeveless top
I see – I don’t see Marica Pellegrinelli

Chiara Ferragni He even chose a white sleeveless blouse to celebrate his birthday (We talked about it here) indicating that the trend has been launched and cannot be stopped. It’s a one-shoulder model Zara A bit transparent. She wore it without a bra, teasing her breasts. Choose a similar style is that of Marica Pellegrinelli Which offers a transparent game that is tempting and hardly a hint.

The most fashionable is the crop

Gucci Helly Piper white sleeveless bag
Top Crop Abs Shown For Hailey Bieber

Of the many variations that a white tank top can take, the most fashionable is the crop. wear it Hailey Bieber Which shows off sculpted abs with low-rise pants. also Sophie Codegoni Tracing the trail: her head reaches just below the breasts and her flat stomach remains exposed. Agrees to choose as well Valentina FerragniWhich is best combined with high-waisted camouflage pants.

How to match the white tank top

Diletta leotta Nike white loafers
White total for Diletta Leotta

The white tank top extends practically everything. Diletta Lotta Served sporty and fresh all-white. The top is very narrow and has thin straps that accentuate the chest, paired with trousers of a slightly different color. Veronica Ferraro She chooses a more sophisticated mood and wears a tank top with a light blue suit. However, the most classic and popular combination remains the jeans combination. It also proves it Julia de Lillis She wears her top with rhinestone lettering ForbeChat On jeans.

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Not even Kendall Jenner is ditching a white tank top. What is his style? Find it in the gallery…

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