Photos of the “Ripoll All Year Round” contest, in the 2024 City Council calendar

Photos of the “Ripoll All Year Round” contest, in the 2024 City Council calendar

This is 2024, Ripoll City Council calendar Featuring the winning photos from each month In the Instagram contest “Ripoll all year round”Which the tourism area has been promoting since last February. The photos with the most 'likes' were chosen to illustrate the calendar.

Therefore, users' photos can be seen there @manel_moya, @Laura_Jinga, @braseriagrillelmoli I @campervoyager. In the case of January, when the contest was not yet active, and December, when the winning photo was not yet known, it was done The photos are owned by the city council.

The Ripoll All Year Contest will end in January 2024, when… All winning monthly photos will be collected and see which ones receive the most support. The winning person will receive vouchers to spend in any of the institutions cooperating in the campaign The total amount is 200 euros.

As usual, the calendar highlights the dates of these events The most important festivals and traditions in the city. To see them all updated, you can visit

Calendars can now be collected for free In the city hall, the Lambert Mata library, the ethnographic museum, the tourist office and the municipal swimming pool. Two sizes available: large 40 x 60 cm and small 29.7 x 42 cm. There are 1,000 units available in each size, while supplies last.

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