No more bad breath and pungent breath, here’s what you should be eating

No more bad breath and pungent breath, here’s what you should be eating

Bad breath is embarrassing, especially when you’re face to face with other people. What do you do to avoid it? Simple, you should eat certain things and avoid others. Here’s how!

Pungent bad breath is very annoyingEspecially if you are around other people. The problem is caused by the bacteria present in the mouth as a result of some important factors. Among them are poor oral hygiene, food residue left in the mouth, incorrect eating habits, and intake of foods and drinks that increase The multiplication of bacteria responsible for bad breath.

Other causes of bad breath can be poor digestion, irregular bowel activity, which does not allow you to quickly get rid of food debris. Let’s see in detail What is the link between bad breath and intestinal disorders, But also What foods should be eaten And Which ones should be avoided To fight bad breath.

Link between bad breath and intestinal dysfunction

Sometimes there is a close association between bad breath and bowel dysfunction, and therefore it is necessary to restore regularities to eliminate the problem. In these cases, meals should not be neglected, and prolonged fasting should be avoided. Eat meals at regular timesAvoid eating dinner too late, do not eat large meals in the evening, avoid smoking.

Bad breath –

An effective treatment for restoring bowel regularity is to take live lactic yeast that reaches the intestines It brings tremendous benefit to the intestinal flora. The intestinal mucosa is strengthened and effectively resists harmful microorganisms.

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What do you eat if you have bad breath?

If you don’t want to feel embarrassed when you’re around other people, here’s what you need to eat to get fresh breath:

  • LettuceLettuce, celery and raw carrots eliminate bad breath.
  • Cherry They are rich in anthocyanins and remove gases that release decaying matter between the teeth;
  • Apple and pear It is effective in reducing the production of musk, which is one of the causes responsible for bad breath.
  • Mint In decoction form it is an excellent natural remedy to combat bad breath. To prepare a decoction, it is enough to put a spoonful of chopped mint in a cup of water, boil it for ten minutes and drink the drink after dinner;
  • Green tea fights bacteria that lurk in the mouth, thanks to the polyphenols present in the drink;
  • natural water It cleans the teeth and oral cavity and helps maintain oral moisture.

Bad breath –

What to avoid if you suffer from bad breath

While on the one hand there are foods that should be eaten to combat bad breath, on the other hand, there are some foods that should be avoided completely. Here’s what they are:

  • Very hot spicesbecause they contain substances that are inevitably excreted during breathing;
  • onion garlic, Especially raw, they cause an unpleasant odor in the mouth, due to the presence of sulfur compounds.
  • Souls and souls.
  • Butter, lard, margarine and other fatty seasonings that make digestion heavy;
  • Cakes, creamy pastriescrunchy
  • Chocolates and sweets sugary, because sugars remain for a long time in the mouth;
  • sugary drinks Such as fruit juices, iced tea, cola and tonic water because they contain sugar, which can ferment in the intestines and give off unpleasant odors.
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As you can see, with a little thought, you can Avoid the problem of bad breath And I have Always a fresh mouthJust eat the right things and avoid the wrong things!

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