Road test and reviews of the new BMW X1, Nissan Ariya, Peugeot 3008. Advantages and disadvantages of the three cars

Road test and reviews of the new BMW X1, Nissan Ariya, Peugeot 3008. Advantages and disadvantages of the three cars

Cross is a A functional vehicle that meets more needs in daily lifeto. In addition to being suitable for long trips, they also prove to be a valid, efficient and practical ally for short day trips. Its generous proportions translate into a more spacious than average luggage compartment, capable of accommodating a large amount of personal items.

become this feature Important during medium and long trips. The ability to fold or remove the rear seats is a huge plus. The elevated driving position ensures a wider view of the road and allows you to better monitor your surroundings in front and behind the vehicle. This feature is useful not only during urban trips, but especially during long trips. Let’s compare:

  • BMW X1
  • Nissan Ariya
  • Peugeot 3008


BMW X1It has a powerful and imposing design, especially in the front, which creates the illusion of greater size. compared to the previous series. The passenger compartment offers ample space, ensuring great comfort even for the rear passengers, where three adults can comfortably sit. The rear seat consists of two sliding compartments that can be adjusted to provide more luggage space if needed.

A slight drawback is that moving the sofa forward creates a hole in the floor into which small items can fall. Generally, The carrying capacity is good And the stem has a regular shape. Finishes are carefully crafted. A curved bezel on the instrument panel houses two screens. One of these screens is for the instruments and features a funky diamond-shaped display pattern, while the other screen contains the vehicle’s controls and features arranged as icons. from 39,000 euros.

Nissan Ariya

Nissan Ariya It is a comfortable mid-range crossover, which was developed on a specific electric vehicle platform. The design features futuristic, balanced and understated lines, with a retracted roof that adds momentum without compromising excessively rear roominess. In fact, the only limitation is the seat close to the ground, which forces taller people to travel with their legs slightly bent. Finishes are of high quality and offer refined solutions.

One would expect more than glove compartments in a family car: The pockets are not large and the pockets under the center armrest are small. Considering the car’s length of 460 cm, the trunk is not huge and in all-wheel drive versions loses about fifty liters of capacity due to the placement of the second engine under the loading floor. The cabin is well finished and has a power tailgate. from 49,000 euros.

Peugeot 3008

Peugeot 3008 It is a modern crossover with a strong personality. Its design is distinguished by an imposing front end with a grille of small slats of various lengths that includes the headlights. Subtle LED lights drop almost vertically, further enriching the front. The upper part of the windows is flanked by a thick profile simulating aluminum, while the C-pillar covered in glossy, dark-colored plastic gives the impression that the roof is suspended above the body of the car. The taillights consist of three vertical LED elements connected by a black strip.

The interior is equally original: As in other modern Peugeots, the dashboard is set very high and readable above the steering wheel. In this case, instead of the traditional widgets, there is a 12.3-inch HD display that can be configured in five different ways. The steering wheel, with two spokes and a massive central cushion, has a flattened top and bottom. from 33,000 euros.

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