Spain, dispute over amnesty flares up after far-right march in Madrid –

Spain, dispute over amnesty flares up after far-right march in Madrid –

“Spain is not divided” are written on the banners. But Spain is already divided. To provoke urban guerrilla warfare On Calle de FerrazAnd in the capital, where the Socialist Party is based, it was in the minority: far-right acronyms, already anti-vaxxers, and even – it seemed – ultras who preferred the square to the curve of Atletico Madrid. The fracture is political: That which the country adhered to after the vote of last July 23, which did not give anyone a majority, or rather, a majority capable of dispensing with the seats of the Catalan independents.

For part of public opinion, Amnesty law It’s a precedent for separation. For the other half, the text was presented in Brussels, where former Governor L Generalitat Carles Puigdemont, symbolizing national reconciliation; And The culmination of Pedro Sanchez’s third term. When it appeared on Monday that an agreement with Catalonia’s Juntes was one step away, chants of “vamos a feraz” rang out from the Vox party leader. Santiago Abascalthen objected to him because he left before the police could press charges against him (which was immediately reported on social media).

On Tuesday evening, the call was repeated over the Internet. Commands in small capital letters: “Peacefully.” In addition to the green color of the extreme right, the sound of yellow and red flags rose after the failure at the ballot boxes. The number of demonstrators doubled: 7 thousand. The offices of the Socialist Workers’ Party were chosen as a symbol of the “coup”, as that galaxy viewed it, fromFox’s youth wing, «Revuelta». On Tuesday, they became the center of a protest that later derailed.

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The meeting point is located in nearby Parque del Oeste, one hour before the garrison. Among the promoters is Elvis Perez, sort of Influencers The far right, and Daniel Esteve, leader of the “Desocopa” movement, a movement specializing in the “liberation” of occupied housing. There is also a growth in neo-Nazi acronyms They sing the Franco anthem. Investigation by Pais I documented the drift. At a certain point, the march heads towards Parliament. There will be no equivalent of January 6 in IberiaBut 6 arrests were made between the barricades and about thirty officers were injured.

– Socialist leader in Madrid offices

Sanchez visited the headquarters in MadridIn the middle of summer, he celebrated on the balcony the “failure” of the “coup bloc.” The atmosphere is different. “Indeed, in the past They tried to silence us. Fanatics, neither then nor today, will be able to intimidate a party with a history of 144 years.” The investment could come next weekHe and his allies (including the Left of Somar and the other Catalan autonomous force) have set a November 27 deadline. Otherwise, the vote will be on January 14.

In this polarization is the leader of the populists Alberto Nunez Figo was able to denounce the brawl by placing the blame on his opponent. “Violence has no place in a democracy, nor does impunity have a place.” He believes that Sanchez does not have credibility, because he will thank other “criminals”, as the center right still considers separatists in 2017. On Sunday it will be the People’s Party’s turn in the streets They oppose it in the name of “democracy.”

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While the European Union, through Justice Commissioner Didier Reynders, demands clarification regarding the amnesty, The crowd returned to Calle de Ferraz For the sixth day. Without incident, but the identity chorus was heard again: “Spain is Christian, not Muslim.”. Divided Spain, above all.

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