The dangerous rumors about Schlein, the bankruptcy of Giannis and Milano: so today …

The dangerous rumors about Schlein, the bankruptcy of Giannis and Milano: so today …

– Today’s best cartoon: Two workers meet, one is wearing blue clothes and the other is wearing green pants. “Nice overalls,” says the first. The other replies, “It was recommended by my gunsmith.” the proletariat at one time Eli Shlain. Who knows what Marx thinks about it.

– I don’t know if you realize the level of Italian journalism, of course the level of the “good”, of the masters, those who give themselves journalism prizes every day too. the other time Republic In a press report from the field on April 25th, he compared, literally, Elie Schlein to Pilgrim Madonna (I swear, I wrote it exactly like that). today is pirate The widget beginscolor match With the following editorial: “One thing seems certain: in the Democratic Party you never get bored, on a roller coaster Elie Schlein pushes at photon speed.” Photon speed? PD roller coaster? And all just for an interview with the glossy magazine par excellence? Either I’m being stupid, and that may be the case, or they’re all going crazy for a leader of – let’s say – who doesn’t gather – let’s say – some great characters – let’s say – in those two months as leader of – let’s say – the Democratic Party.

– Looks like the color matching designer didn’t just wear clothes Eli Shlain But also the partner. Good. But if I were the secretary of the Democratic Party, I would worry about the rumors that began to circulate within the company: “Who pays it, you or the party?” someone asked. Which is an irrelevant question from a practical point of view (apparently Ellie pushed the bid), but intriguing from a political point of view. It is known that the Democratic Party A den of snakes: Just as they crowned you, so soon we will blow you away (Brody, Lita, and Zingaretti document). To survive, you need broad shoulders, or Franceschini to help you. But Dario is also capable – he has shown it extensively – to change horses a lot …

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Inter against Milan It will be broadcast unencrypted on TV8 following Agcom’s request for a rule that provides free viewing of some particularly important events. Well, we’re glad. But who will compensate Amazon, who spent good money in the hope that the Italian will stay one step away from the big-eared trophy?

Giannis Antikonmo, the star of the Milwaukee Bucks, loses the series to the Miami Heat and reporters rightly ask him if he considers this season a “flop.” After all, the Milwaukee Bucks won the circuit in 2021, and it was expected to be more than a miserable first-round defeat. However, Gaines disagrees and reciprocates: he says that in sports there are “good days and bad days, not failures”, noting that “Michael Jordan He spent 15 years in the NBA and won 6 titles” (“Were the other 9 years a failure by any chance? Are you really telling me that?”) and reiterates that “in sports you can’t always win.” Well, the speech is very good. Deserves a press conference like this. There are some though. Giannis Antetokounmpo is paid $228 million for a 5-year contract, averaging $45.6 million per season. Not a crumb. As in all jobs, many earners are expected A lot. If a thousand-euro-a-month worker screws up a screw and thus doesn’t get a promotion, it’s certainly not a matter of failure. But if a super-athlete like him pays 10 times more than an average Italian basketball player, the star of a team that finished first in the conference, he loses. Against the seventh seed… Well: the story changes. If the Milwaukee Bucks were knocked out in the semifinals, or maybe in the conference finals, Giannis’ letter would hold up. But it isn’t. There are bad seasons in sports. And this is one of them.

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– Eli Schlein must have a patron saint in the Republic. Today the online magazine published a piece with this title: “What is color analysis, anyone can do it. Here is a guide to understanding what it means to test seasons.” Rather than mock Ellie for what is, for all intents and purposes, a misstep, they ride the color analysis. Just think of our level of local journalism

– So resorting to colors is not a crime. But the claim is for fools.

– instead of th The gender gapI would suggest a Baby Sala Not to worry about security at the central station. Because it is not befitting of a western country that a 36-year-old tourist arrives from Norway and is brutally raped by a homeless man at six in the morning. The area must be reclaimed and made safe. What are we waiting for?

– The Pope says: “It is not good to create test-tube embryos and then suppress them, trafficking in gametes and resorting to the practice ofsurrogate uterusClearer than that, you die. I bet €10 that Repubblica will devote no front page to these sentences from Francesco tomorrow. And above all I think of the Catholics of the Democratic Party: how can you stay in the party of Ellie Schlein and her battles for acquired same-sex paternity outside?

– Dillon, 12, a student at Warren Unified Schools in Michigan, saw the bus driver who was suffering from illness, took control of the bus and drove it to a stop without causing an accident. An absolute legend.

– Francesco La Licata wrote: “After a quarter of a century of investigations and a decade of procedural battles, the cassation wrote the final word on the mysterious case that will go down in history as the ‘Negotiations of the State and the Mafia'”. Oh no, dear La Licata: it will go down in history as a mock negotiator and as a powerful figure of Palta for journalists and judges always looking for mystery.

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– Regarding the accusations and the reconstruction of the alleged negotiations, La Licata wrote: “these simple facts (completely verified)” and so on. “Validated? Excuse me, luminary: but how can it be “certain” if it is only “sufficiently” verified? Based on these restrictions based on nothing, or on little, the media judicial department has quenched its thirst for years. End convictions not even shade.

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