Mathias Pogba, video from prison on Paul

Mathias Pogba, video from prison on Paul

The brother of the Juventus midfielder reveals, on social media, other details of the dark story, including witches and contacts with criminal circles.

Moths that invaded the Stade de France during the 2016 European Championship final, planted pizza in the grass at Old Trafford, Kylian Mbappe’s nightmare night in Parco de Principe. All the work of Brahim, named Grande, was prompted by Paul Pogba to influence the results and hit opponents and competitors. The magician got up to 100 thousand euros from the evil eye, and always in cash. During the night, another series of messages arrived from Mathias Pogba, the brother of black and white, accused of extortion and imprisonment, but he continues to narrate the background of the family feud thanks to the automated videos: “If you see these letters it means I am in prison …”.

Closer / Silent

After a preamble of various tweets, complete with an open letter to the midfielder, Mathias reads a long text again to reveal how Paul paid for years, since 2015, a magician, introducing him to former Parisian Serge Aurier, today in Nottingham Forest. Ibrahim, aka Grande, will also be former national mentor Allu Diarra and many other players and celebrities. Over the years, Ibrahim became more and more influential in the midfielder’s life. A kind of confidant who gets paid from 75 thousand to 100 thousand euros per service, even twice a month. According to Matthias, Paul requested his interventions to try to influence the Games, injure his opponents, and slow the rise of his teammates.

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Just like Mbappe, who could have been charmed by the Almoravids in the second leg of the Champions League, who lost Paris Saint-Germain after winning the first leg 3-1, despite United mobilizing reserves. Mbappe that evening was a shadow of him, recalls Matthias, who also recalls the final of Euro 2016: “Where strange things happened like the infestation of moths.” The cleats apparently worked, but it wasn’t enough to stop Portugal, who won 1-0, not with the signing of Ronaldo, an injury during the match, but thanks to the lesser-known Eder, in extra time. So Pogba had paid a lot of money to the magician in the 2018 World Cup, which Bleus won, and Juventus was the champion. From then on, the relationship became more and more personal, to the point that the sorcerer was considered a family member, and was invited to Old Trafford where he sowed Bisini, with curses to strike opponents.


To reveal that Paul’s family, childhood friend Mams, has been jailed for participating in the extortion of the midfielder. Pogba accused him of stealing at least 200,000 euros. Mam, a childhood friend, was Paul’s trusted man who ordered him to deliver suitcases full of money to the teacher at Paris airport. Where one day the police stopped the magician. Pogba had to step in to make sure it was money for charities in Africa. In any case, Matthias also invokes in his letters a network of contacts with alleged criminal circles, which now threatens the Pogba family. Thus, Paul would have ensured protection for his mother, in return for taking his side in the dispute with Matthias, who is under investigation and has been detained since last week. From where he continues his speech, thanks to the automation of his social accounts, through which he paints his well-known brother as “a spoiled, selfish, hypocritical and arrogant little prince.”

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