Dario Bressanini, The Science of Cleaning, an Amazon bestseller

Dario Bressanini, The Science of Cleaning, an Amazon bestseller

Dario Bressanini’s “The Science of Cleaning” is back on the Amazon bestseller platform last week. Full title: The Science of Cleaning. The Chemistry of Detergents, Bleach, and Hoaxes on Bicarbonates” In the text, the best-selling writer and author, chemistry teacher, and professional researcher debunks the universally held hoaxes and myths about household activities.

Dario Bressanini, The Science of Cleaning, an Amazon bestseller

Dario Bressanini dedicates the new book to cleaning the house, finally framed both from a practical point of view and from a rigorously scientific point of view. It explains the many “whys” to clean and dirty, while providing the best solutions for safe and effective home cleaning.

Genki Kawamura’s “If Cats Disappear from the World” ranked second

He debuted straight at number two “If Cats Disappear from the World” by Genki Kawamurathe story of a lonely postman, who, on the verge of death, in order to have another day of life, in agreement with the devil, decides to make every cat disappear from the face of the earth, including his beloved file.

Christina Fugazi, a satirical esthetician, is in third place

New entry also at the lowest step of the platform, where we find “My Grand Tour. Stories of Places, Art, and Anxiety” by Christina Fugazi, Available Here. known asA sarcastic makeup artistAnd the A beauty influencer with a million followers who collected in this book about forty Places of the Heart, a little outside the classic Grand Tour itineraries, and told that only she knew how to do it, and was chosen from among those most closely related to her bio as an “anxious traveler” and among the most difficult to instagram . The message is clear: they must be visited strictly “Because living everything is always better”says Christina. An honest and emotional, sometimes poignant, story about how beauty can truly save us or anyway make us better human beings.

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