News – Saelemaekers, bad news! Pogba, Dybala, Lukaku, Fabian, Chiesa, Mina, Politano…

News – Saelemaekers, bad news!  Pogba, Dybala, Lukaku, Fabian, Chiesa, Mina, Politano…

Politano – Important days in Naples to find out if Matteo Politano He will be able to recover for Saturday’s match against Genoa. a report Corriere dello Sport: “Politano is among those suspended, because with the extension of the sole we have to be careful: the Tour of Power has begun and this is not a funny thing, it will be played every three days, and there will be the Champions League, the tournament with the midweek round and the necessity, almost urgent, not to make mistakes, and therefore … So, Politano is progressing differentlyAs is inevitable, he listens to the body’s responses and then follows the science’s responses. He would also like to be in moorings, and if he succeeds, he will be employable, perhaps part-time: because There is no point in gambling“.

Rome – The tandem of Lukaku and Dybala is about to be born in Rome. Corriere dello Sport He assesses the situation towards Empoli: “The two have never trained together yet DybalaAfter a thigh injury in Verona, he spent the next week in massages and treatments without getting on the pitch at all. but now The infection appears to have been resolved. Thus, in these three days, the two will be able to get to know each other better and improve their understanding. The attacking duo that Marotta dreamed of creating at Inter in 2022 is now a reality in Roma, much to the delight of fans who, despite a false start, will also fill the Stadio Olimpico on Sunday… Lukaku Dybala starts from different physical and sporting positions: the first needs to play, and play a lot, to reach his fitness. on the contrary He has surprised the Roma and Belgian staff with his level of reliability It was achieved after several group training sessions. Obviously, even on his own during the summer, he was doing well. On the other hand, Dybala must be followed carefully so that he does not stop again: he missed the call-up to the Argentine national team specifically to recover from the injury that he first felt on August 6 during the match. Friendly match in Toulouse. Today he will finally do some serious training. Mourinho intends for the two champions to play together immediately.”

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Florentina Yiri is scheduled to return to Italy today Meena After the injury he suffered against Colombia. The Fiorentina defender reported that he had a problem Left rectus femoris With a possible downtime of about a month. Today MENA will conduct new tests to determine the true extent of the problem and thus obtain a more accurate indication of recovery times.

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