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Milan are serious about Adrien Rabiot and have a very precise idea of ​​when to attack.

In just over 24 hours the event will officially start. Summer transfer market sessionAfter 11.59pm on Sunday, players whose contracts expire on June 30 will be released permanently from their clubs, subject to Parameter zeroAnd he will be free to join any other team.

And Case, for example, of Adrien RabiotThe current Juventus midfielder, but his contract with the club is about to expire Old woman Only tomorrow, June 30th. the French midfielder He is currently busy with his national team Euro24 Her focus remains on European competition. After passing the groups France He will return to the field on Monday, July 1 at 6pm against Belgium, a qualifying match to advance to the quarter-finals of the tournament. Rabiot is one of the most important men in Deschamps’ midfield and the player does not need to be distracted.

Milan-Rabiot, when will the Rossoneri strike?

Since the end of the tournament. Adrien Rabiot He remains one of the most discussed footballers in the world Leaguebecause of this Expiration of the contract With Juventus. black and white They thought they would reach an agreement for a renewal before the start of the European Championship, but that did not happen and now the French midfielder is close to leaving. Free yourself with free transportation From Torino Club.

Rabiot-Milan, when can it be closed?
Milan trying Rabiot -LaPressesspazioMilan.it

Rabiot has been taken into consideration by several clubs, including Italian clubs, including… Inter and Milan: I Nerazzurri They put themselves aside for a moment, while intending The Rossoneri To sink the shot higher. According to today’s issue of Corriere dello SportIn fact, Rabiot is not a simple idea for Milan who are studying it. Economic solution To bring the French midfielder to Milan. For Milan, it would be a free transfer, but the Rossoneri club would have to Payment of commissions And find a Salary Agreementat least the equivalent of what Rabiot achieved with Juventus.

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Jeffrey Moncada He also had a confrontation with the player’s mother’s agent. veronique, But currently there is no news, other than that.Interest from the Rossoneri For the midfield player. Furthermore, what is certain is that as of July 1, Rabiot will be without a team, at least Until the end of the European Championship: The player actually has no intention of listening to offers from clubs until the end of the competition, as he is focused on his national team. Therefore, Milan will remain vigilant until the end of the tournament, and then they will try to attack the French midfielder.

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