Bertossi and Meret at RossiniLab-Cantelli in Novara, Rossini’s “scientific” laboratory – connected to the opera

Bertossi and Meret at RossiniLab-Cantelli in Novara, Rossini’s “scientific” laboratory – connected to the opera

The third edition of the event was launched on September 4 with success and strong participation from members Rossenlab-CantelliThe Center for Study, Production and Research on Gioacchino Rossini aims at the analytical study of Rossini, with lectures, seminars and Judicial reading One of the most prominent Rossini scholars in the world, he also produced two operas at the Coccia Theater in Novara. Also this year, the Rossini Laboratory aroused widespread interest, with nearly 30 participants from all over the world participating, confirming the internationalization of the project involving many internal students. Conservatory “Guido Cantelli” in Novara Who in recent years has had the opportunity to make his debut on the stage of the Teatro Coccia.
Among the executive partners of RossiniLab this has been confirmed Coccia Theater in Novarato which is addedOsimo International Academy of Lyrical Artsthe Rossini Foundation in Pesaro,l’Rossini Opera Festival Academy (ROF) and other valuable allies.

“What inspired the creation of the laboratory – explains the maestro Giovanni Botta“It was the desire to design a place and time in which the complexity of Rossini’s grammar and aesthetics as well as Rossini’s powerful metaphysical musical system would be interrogated.”

RossiniLab-Cantelli rises In the first class For students of the Guido Cantelli Institute in Novara, for students of the AFAM system as well as external students who wish to delve deeper and study the world of Rossini in a specific and detailed way in all its aspects. Moreover, RossiniLab-Cantelli fits into the unitary framework DNA-ITALY, signed by the Fondazione Teatro Coccia di Novara: a broad-minded holistic project designed by the supervisor Corinne Baroni An occasion for the international promotion of comic opera and the commissioning of new generations of composers to the genre of farce; “Dna-Italia” will, among other things, engage with several institutions and theaters that will participate in the production of productions signed by RossiniLab-Cantelli, thus expanding the offer work experience To the young student artists in the lab.

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“The RossiniLab-Cantelli – continues Giovanni Botta – wants to solicit, disseminate and promote the cultural awareness of the vocal gesture, and also defines, through individual synergy between different teachers, the fundamental coordinates of Rossini’s musical and vocal grammar. Moreover, the activity of the RossiniLab-Cantelli is expressed in the activity The collective focus of interdisciplinary research and studies on Gioachino Rossini without leaving any area unexplored.

The period of study in the laboratory is divided into a few intensive weeks of courses, and each year an individual focus on Rossini operas and contemporary operas of new commission is agreed. This year it will be shown on October 20 and 22 at the Coccia Theater in Novara Happy deception by Rossini coupled with the world premiere of the opera Cavelli, or Unfortunate DeceptionWith music and text by Federico Biscioni.

RossiniLab-Cantelli also includes masterclasses with the world’s greatest and most celebrated Rossini artists.
In fact, the laboratory includes, in its training offer, a “Mousiké” module dedicated to Gioachino Rossini’s theoretical and speculative thinking, study and analysis; The unit includes in-depth historical, cultural, aesthetic, philosophical and musical thematic concentrations aimed at a complete knowledge of the genius of Pizarro with renowned musicologists and scholars.
The first module was already held on 8 September, with talks given by four teachers from the Cantelli Conservatory of Novara: Giovanni Botta, The rose in the cross. The Hegelian basis of Rossini’s aesthetics, Federico Fornoni, Happy Deception – Drama and semi-serious farce music, Alessandro Marangoni And Luca Cimaruggi, Deafening silence: péchés de vieillesse.
Within the RossiniLab-Cantelli there is also a permanent unit for the study and specialization of “Péchés de vieillesse”, which joins the main unit, the teaching of which is entrusted to Alessandro Marangoni, former teacher of the Novara Conservatory and Rossini translator of obvious renown.

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These are the upcoming RossiniLab-Cantelli events at the Novara Conservatory:

Friday 15 SeptemberFrom 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., the “Mousiké” module will be held in the presence of Emmanuel Sensifrom La Sapienza University in Rome, with a report on how to do it Put Rossini on stageInterventions followed Marco Bigellifrom the University of Bologna on this topic Vocal performance practices in the era of Rossini and beyond And based on Simone di Crescenzofrom the University of Bologna, on how Put Rossini’s voice in context by listening.

Saturday 16 Septemberfrom 10 am, Jacob LehmanEroica Berlin – Teatro Nuovo New York, will focus on the theme Rossini and historical orchestral practice.

Friday 22 SeptemberFrom 10 am to 1 pm, two additional meetings of the “Mousiké” unit will be held: the first with Vincenzo di Vivo Director of the Osimo Opera Academy The Farce of Venice: Drama and CharactersWhile the second with Ilaria Narisi From the Rossini Foundation in Pesaro with the title From signing to scene. Which will be held at two in the afternoon Divine lengths (?). Rossini’s concept of “theatrical time” Edited by Andrea ChigayEmeritus Professor at La Sapienza University in Rome.

Monday 25 Septemberfrom 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., in the Olivieri Brothers Hall of the Novara Conservatory, Bass Michel Bertossi He will hold a master class with students participating in the third edition of RossiniLab.

in days Tuesday 26 and Wednesday 27 Septemberfrom 10 am to 7 pm, in the Fratelli Olivieri hall, the master class will be held with the tenor Chris Merritt.

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Thursday 28 SeptemberAt 11 a.m., in the Fratelli Olivieri Hall, there will be a gala day in honor of the American tenor Chris Merritt Sponsored by the interventions of the Novara Conservatory teacher Alessandro Mormel And by the music critic and editor-in-chief of the electronic newspaper Opera Click, Danilo Boareto.

Friday 29 SeptemberAt five o’clock in the evening, in the Fratelli Olivieri Hall, the closing ceremony will be held entitled Singing that is heard in the soul.

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