Superliga, Madrid court blames FIFA and UEFA: ‘They can’t hinder competition’ – Football

Superliga, Madrid court blames FIFA and UEFA: ‘They can’t hinder competition’ – Football

Waiting for the final decision to arrive Court of Justice of the European Union On the potential monopoly of UEFA In the European Football Association, the Madrid Regional Court upheld the appeal against the Mercantile Court and rejected UEFA’s opposition, making a sensationally favorable ruling. Premier League. In the device, the Spanish sports newspaper reached him likewhich read: “FIFA and UEFA cannot justify their anti-competitive behavior as if they were the sole custodians of certain European values, especially if this serves as a pretext to support a monopoly with which they can exclude or impede the initiative of one with which it aspires to be a competitor, Premier League“.

Football, the rule is up against the Superleague. Gravina: “Those who join other leagues will be disqualified”

Madrid Court: “FIFA and UEFA abuse a dominant position”

Then the three judges who make up the judging panel add: “Feeling is an action that has all the characteristics Unjustified abuse by those in a dominant position. We cannot assume in this interim measure that the dividend mechanism used before FIFA and by UEFA, which is not controlled by an independent public regulator, necessarily constitutes the best possible solution to the public interests of sport.”

No penalties for clubs that promote the project.

More: Madrid court ruling orders FIFA and UEFA to “refrain from taking any action or action against the Superleague and even from issuing any statement to the contrary during the preliminary investigation into key actions, which prevent or hinder, directly or indirectly, the preparation or development of the Superleague “. And it is forbidden to “announce or threaten any disciplinary or punitive measures against clubs, managers and players from clubs participating in preparing the Premier League.”

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The opposite opinion of the Advocate General of the European Union

A ruling completely contrary to the opinion expressed last December by the Advocate General of the European Union, Athanasius Rantos, which states that FIFA and UEFA do not violate monopoly rules. The rules of the two entities, which subject any new competition to prior authorization, are consistent with Rantos’ EU competition law, as they are justified restrictions with legitimate purposes, namely to ensure that third parties are not unjustifiably denied market access to the point of distorting competition in that market.” The final sentence of the European Court of Justice is likely to arrive in March.

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