Lazio and Sarri: “Referees are biased with us and urgent measures are taken”

Lazio and Sarri: “Referees are biased with us and urgent measures are taken”

“Contact Mario Rui Lazzari? Not much to comment on. There was also an offensive foul on Kim’s goal foul on Luis Alberto. In a Phar era that can’t happen: or referees are rare or there is a solution B which is the most worrying thing… .”. It is clear that Maurizio Sarri is upset with the direction of the race in Sousa After the defeat with Napoli: “It was a fair match, but they just warn us. They are biased and tell us: ‘You behaved badly with Bologna and these are the consequences’. The referee must take strict measures.”

“After the feature we are waiting a lot”

Analyzing the match, the Biancocheleste coach said: “The goal scored in the first few minutes took away our initiative, and we waited and waited more. We faced a strong team that put us in difficulty at times. There is a way to reach this level .. but the way the defeat came She leaves us with a hint of anger.” Small change at the beginning of the season for Sarri: “The five substitutions reduce the minutes and help us. Over the next few weeks I can take different solutions.”

“I was moved to see Napoli without Insigne and Mertens”

At the moment, the balance in the biancoceleste remains positive: “We are happy, we are working. We can’t expect to win all the games, but the work begins and we start to play on an equal footing with all the strongest”, coach who coached Napoli in 114 league games Italian, and scored the highest average points for a Napoli coach in the history of the competition. “This time, Napoli inspired me with a slight shift – he admits -. It’s amazing to see Napoli without Insigne and Mertens. There are a few players I’ve coached. I have great memories and also very bad memories with President De Laurentiis who introduced Ancelotti without telling me. No longer He wants me anymore and everyone pretends nothing happened. We never make it clear with Aurelio, he’s always right…”, concludes Sarri.

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