New Year's Eve party

New Year's Eve party

Kicking off the year with a Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra concert is certainly one of television's most enduring and enjoyable traditions. Even audiences who are not accustomed to classical music, January 1st gives this type of music the opportunity to wait for the right moment to applaud Marxa Radetzky. The secret to continuity is that on an unproductive morning, the party continues without making a fuss.

Martín Llade has been the concert commentator at La 1 since 2018, when he replaced José Luis Pérez de Arteaga. Llade took charge with wisdom, judgment and his own personality. His knowledge allows him to enrich performances of musical themes with anecdotes. But in the past six years, confidence has led him to abuse humour, with constant witticisms that make, from a light musical morning, a barrage of comic outbursts somewhat unbearable. I used to save the nice comment for goodbye. But this edition filled all the entries with blessings, recited between the pieces quickly so as not to lose their momentum.

Llade began the concert by joking about a change in the program, explaining that Thielemann would be replacing waltzes and polkas with waltzes. Seventh Symphony Of Bruckner complete, therefore, will not be welcomed with Marxa Radetzky But when the cymbals hit. “It's a joke,” he immediately pointed out. In the next pause, feet Vienna chocolates By Johann Strauss: “It produces the same pleasure as chocolate but without making you fat.”. He also noted that the director was smiling more than the night before: “He was more serious than the characters in a Caravaggio painting.”.

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He later recalled that the Vienna dance season consisted of a program of four hundred and fifty dances and a duration of more than two thousand hours. “Come on, I'm laughing at that pyro.”. After explaining that many of the works were related to different professions, he commented: “Every guild has its dance. Chimney sweeps and stone lifters. Sorry. 'I was thinking of my land.'. To complete the story titled Edward Strauss No brakes He added a quick dance to the railway workers' dance: “Maybe a title like ‘Train Travel is Fun’ would have been better.” And here we weren't even in the middle of the party. Ladd explained that an operetta was dedicated to the medicinal benefits of spirola. “They could have written another article about the benefits of Jägermeister for the digestive system. “It could be funny.”. When he introduced Georgian dancer Ketevan Babava, he was amused by her name: “Forgive me for the joke, I was thinking 'It's going to swallow you!'As the ceremony progressed, the level of humor decreased. He explained that another piece had been composed on the occasion of the inauguration of a water pipe. He noted: Of course, “Waltz to the Septic Tank” could have been worse.“When he pointed to the waltz Citizens of ViennaI couldn't resist another semantic game: “This looks like a fast food franchise of hot dogs and hamburgers.”. The same thing happened with the waltz Iberian pearl. “Excuse the analogy, but it looks like a Serrano ham appetizer bar.”. It's unbearable to come close to wanting to promote the concert one thing, turning into a machine gun of bad jokes, which instead of being revealed end up being ridiculed. If Llade has comedic claims, next year he could join José Mota's program from the previous night and thus allow the music to take center stage at the concert.

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