Vehicle registrations in Tarragona will grow by 12.17% during 2023

Vehicle registrations in Tarragona will grow by 12.17% during 2023

the Vehicle registrations It rose by 12.17% in Tarragona demarcation during 2023 compared to the previous year, according to data published on Tuesday, January 2 by the employers' association Anfac. In total, they have been registered 12,960 vehicles during the past year. for everything Catalonia, Enrollment rates increased by 16.7%up to 118,688. In absolute terms, sales are 16,970 more than in 2022.

In the state, registrations rose to 949,359, also an increase of 16.7%. The employer stressed that this was a “positive” number taking into account the current economic context, but asked not to remain in “compliance” because it was “far” from pre-pandemic records – about 300,000 units lower -. By 2024, Anfac aims to overcome the barrier of 1 million passenger cars sold and “boost” the electric vehicle.

Of the 949,359 sales in 2023, 419,528 were to individuals, 393,815 to companies, and 98,889 to car rental companies. This last channel is up 37.5% year over year.

Toyota, the best-selling brand in Spain

In terms of brand, throughout the year, Toyota was the best-selling car with 79,883 units. It was followed by Kia (66,245) and Volkswagen (63,871); Hyundai (58874); Seat (58.686) and Renault (56.176). For all modelsIt topped the rankings Dacia Sanderowith 27,951 units, followed by the SEAT Arona (21,639); Toyota Corolla (19,845) and the Chinese model MG ZS.

Depending on the type of fuel 387,749 gasoline (+13.76%); 118,646 from diesel (-15.01%) and 442,964 from other fuels (+33.05%).

Electric vehicle sales rose by 37% in Catalonia

Taking into account only Electrified cars – electric and hybrid –during the year 2023 17,894 cars were sold in Catalonia, 37% more than a year ago (then there were 13,054). In the state, electric vehicle sales increased last year by approximately 50%, reaching 125,681 cars, representing a market share of 12%.

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ANVAC noted that the electrification of the car fleet is still “far” from the European average, which is 21%. In this sense, the Director General of Anfaq, José López Taval, emphasized that the electricity share is “disappointing” because it is not progressing “at the necessary pace.”

“It is not about innovation, it is about acting immediately and with effective measures. 2024 must be a year of change“, defended. He also asked the Spanish government to better “stimulate” the sale of this type of vehicle.

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