An offensive poster for Catalan speakers in downtown Barceloneta

An offensive poster for Catalan speakers in downtown Barceloneta

There are two communication areas in Catalonia that do not offer programmes: Tony Soler and Tony ClapisBoth are from El Terrat. They have synchronized over the years under the orders of Andrew Buenfuente and it shows in the character and passion in everything they do and, above all, in the intention. Now, for various reasons, they had taken a break from television and radio: Clapis because of a prescription while he was recovering from the cancer he suffered, and Soler because he had been watching television daily for many years and wanted to devote himself more to his work as a producer. From divorced Minoria They are the same age, Clapis (56 years old) and Soler (58 years old). They continue to communicate off the air, via Twitter. They are too young to walk around Barcelona meeting pigeons and taking pictures. Applause for the urban disasters, clean-up and incivility plaguing the city and Solaire Plural of something else: pictures Advertising banners very poorly written in Catalan. It happened again and now near his home in Ciutat Vela. At the Palau bus station, in Barceloneta, a very famous beverage brand from a company of world importance, Coca-Cola, writes a slogan in Catalan made up of three words, tres, and the first word is misspelled, or worse, written directly in Spanish:

Tony Soler Tv3

sweat is beautiful (sic). Not that this offends Catalan speakers, it’s just that nothing is intelligible. What does sweating mean? In the context of a stressed verb, it is among the few diacritics that are respected, and with the most extant Catalan words: bonic, the publicity hired by Coca-Cola to sell its products. Isotonic drink, addressing Catalans who sweat while exercising and want to replenish salts and fluids, write SUDAR, in capital letters and the opening of the sentence and the slogan. This nyap has passed all the company’s quality controls. The donut is so big that Tony Soler uploaded the photo without adding any of his crop. He doesn’t say anything because he’s already used to this disrespect. In many companies, writing well in Catalan is considered cumbersome. Or for them to understand, he sweats.

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Other Catalan cakes in Barcelona

Tony Soler, walking through Pedralbes, squeaked loudly Advertisement for a pay TV network, HP or pay attention to nyap: “Well, it looks like HBO isn’t happy with ignoring the Catalan language. Now he wants to download it directly” It’s written by someone who is a television producer, so HBO is their client, they’re the person who pays their bills, they’re the person who can contract products with them. Toni Soler is a brave and worthy Catalan defender. Nayab was crazy:

Tony Soler TV3

Tony Soler, TV3

In the Palau Real subway station, the HBO series was announcing the fourth season of one of the platform’s most successful series, The Handmaid’s Tale. He wants to reach the heart And in the pocket of the Catalans Issuance of the advertisement with the slogan in Catalan. Too bad it’s Catalan rubbish: “Mother there is only one“(sic). It hurts the eyes. Vehicles leaving Barcelona via the diagonal line almost had an accident thinking about that cake Translated from spanish to pel. Mother there is only one It should be translated as “Mother, there is only one” and that is not so literal and insulting.”“There’s only one mother.”. Deadly Soler focused on where it was needed: HBO did not offer a single one in Catalan among its thousands of productions. They don’t even pay a Catalan translator, they run the ads through Google Translate and pay every day, like Amazon did a few days ago with the Passeig de Gràcia/Gran Via ad about the Sergio Ramos series. Catalan sucks.

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Banner Sergio Ramos Amazon Prime Video Barcelona Jean Calles

Amazon ad has a grammatical error, EFE

Toni Soler also wants Pay TV or Aquarius not to offend Catalonia, or discriminate against Catalan speakers.

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