The black market for TV subscriptions

The market for illegal subscriptions for on-demand services is spreading cable. explain it sun 24 hours, noting that in the messaging app you can find subscriptions to services such as dozenAnd Netflix, Spotify, Disney+ and all the big apps that make up the world of digital content.

It is clear that Dazn – confirms the newspaper – with all the Italian league matches live, has become an object of desire, to the point where you find hundreds of ads online that allow you to subscribe to the contents of the platform at competitive prices.

it comes 2.5 euros per month, which is ten times less than the real subscription (which costs €29.99 for new subscribers). There is a Telegram channel with more than 30 thousand subscribers, and the managers describe themselves as “Experts in the field for years selling Dozen accounts and much more», promising subscriptions of €10 per month.

On another channel with more than three thousand subscribers, there is a message in which the seller offers an account for 10 euros per month, completing a promotional post. For payment, it asks for a Paysafecard voucher or Amazon voucher, which remain valid – and more “secure” – alternatives to traditional digital payment methods.

But what these “shows” leave behind is the impression that they are real tricks. Especially since Dazn has canceled the free trial month option. Many cybercriminals have used this option in the past, Selling monthly subscriptions Obtained thanks to the trial month.

Also due to the cancellation of the trial month, it is very likely, therefore, that today’s ads on low-cost Dazn subscriptions are basically scams. Because selling such a service for less than its market cost would be a losing business for anyone.

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