Did you receive this message on WhatsApp? This is what it means

Since February 18, millions of European users The WhatsApp They received a message when opening the application. Many canceled the connection thinking it was one of the usual privacy policies. But there was a commitment to publish the message by Meta Platforms, a company founded by Mark Zuckerberg, owner of WhatsApp, after requesting clarification on the use of customer information for one of the world’s most used instant messaging platforms.

Message on WhatsApp

Meta, at the end of last January, received an official letter from the European Commission in which it was an explicit warning regarding the privacy of individuals and where the European Commissioner of Justice, Didier Reynders, requested information about how European users’ data was shared with business partners, especially Americans. The message that appeared on the smartphones when opening the application stated: “In our disclosure, we want to give you more details about how we use you data“. Below is an invitation to the user to read the privacy policy. WhatsApp also announced, on its Help Center page, that it has reorganized the structure of the Privacy Policy. So that users can easily find all the information they want to refer. The following points were mentioned in the official statement:

How we use data: We have added more detailed information about what data we collect and use, why it is stored, when it is deleted and what services third parties provide us with.

Global Operations: We’ve detailed why we share data internationally to deliver our global service and how to protect that data.

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Legal basis for data processing: We have added more information on the legal basis on which we process your data.

What changes

That’s it, for the rest nothing changes. End-to-end conversations are always encrypted to prevent third parties from reading and listening to people’s personal chats. Except now everything should be put in black and white, at least for the flag. This mainly concerns Europeans, their personal data, and how it is disclosed in America. We recall that in the past the Irish Commission had imposed a fine of $225 million precisely for violating European law on aggregate We also remember Meta’s response, which threatened to pull WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram from Europe. Now we shall see if the message sent will be enough to calm the turbulent waters that divide Europe and America. Europe’s deadline for clarification was February 28. In 2021, the Meta was also contested for the exchange of data between one application and another, from Facebook to WhatsApp and vice versa, which would then have been cut off.

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