After sparkling water, beer is also in danger

After sparkling water, beer is also in danger

The lack of carbon dioxide in recent months has made it difficult to produce sparkling water, and now beer is also at risk. Besides the difficulties in supplying carbon dioxide, there is also the current water emergency, which is drying up the water sources from which the water is being drawn.

In recent months, companies producing sparkling water They faced big problems, due to display difficulties Carbon Dioxide (Carbon Dioxide). In fact, the price of the latter has increased a lot recently.

Carbon dioxide shortage: sparkling water production at risk

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output from Carbon Dioxide It amounts to unsustainable costs and the difficulties of saving carbon dioxide which in turn make the production of sparkling water difficult.

Carbon dioxide deficiency can have serious repercussions for Selling prices Putting businesses at a crossroads: making sparkling water a good cost or Suspension of production at least partiallySo did Santana Water, which nonetheless chose to turn it off completely. Some of the big names in this sector are producing CO2 on their own, but many companies have to buy it from the market at ever-rising prices, precisely because it takes so much energy to produce it.

The current situation regarding CO2 should also be addedwater emergency From this period, contributing to the drying up of the water sources from which the water we drink is drawn.

Is beer also at risk?

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there Carbon dioxide deficiency It’s not just about sparkling water, but All soft drinks Like the Soft drinks candies that we put on our tables, and last but not least, beer Industrial However, it has already been undermined by the increase in the costs of raw materials used in production processes. However, there are types of beer (and wine) whose bubbles result from fermentation and are less dependent on carbon dioxide.

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In addition, the crisis also affected other sectors, besides the beverage sector, including this one foodthat of cooling And in the sector medical equipments. It is also part of production cycles Fertilizers And last but not least, it is an essential ingredient for many Fire extinguishers common in the market.

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