“Ukrainian and American leadership”

“Ukrainian and American leadership”

Rome, May 6, 2023 – Zakhar Prilepin, 47 years old, writer Pro-Putin And a veteran of the war in Chechnya, he injured in attacks. The Russian Ministry of Interior announced this And A suspect has been arrested. This is about Alexander Permyakov, He admitted to planting a bomb on the road Prilepin’s car was to travel and detonating it remotely as the car was passing. The man admitted that he had caused the explosion with a remotely operated bomb “on the instructions of the Ukrainian secret service”. This was stated by the Russian Investigative Committee, quoting TASS.

Zakhar Prilepin

the responsibility From the terrorist attack on Zakhar Prilepin falls not only to the Ukrainian authorities, but also to their Western sponsors, especially United StateThe Russian Foreign Ministry denounced this in a statement, and the statement issued by the Russian agencies said: “It is clear that this is another terrorist act organized and carried out by the Kiev regime, behind which Western curators are responsible.” Moscow continues, “is the thousandth manifestation of that systematic approach to the elimination of ideological opponents, which, thanks to Washington’s efforts, has been actively entrenched in Ukraine since 2014, becoming the main reflection of the Kiev regime.”

Spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Maria Zakharov He wrote on Telegram: USA and Great Britain they have one direct responsibility for the attack. Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, Dmitry Medvedevguarantee: The attack will not go unpunished. In a telegram to the writer, Medvedev called the attack a “cowardly attack” before Ukrainian “Nazi extremists”.

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What happened: hypotheses

a An explosive device was allegedly placed under the car For the national writer. in the explosion, the driver was killed, there Prilepin’s daughter descended a few minutes ago. These are the details that the media have re-released, starting with the TASS agency.

Previous Daria Dugina and Vladin Tatarsky

The bombing reminds of the one who was killed in August Daria Dugina, The philosopher’s daughter Alexander Dugin. The woman was traveling in a car in which her father was supposed to travel. And he was killed last month Vladlen Tatarsky (born Maxim Fomin).

How is Prilepin used?

It is not clear how Prilepin works. According to the Nizhny Novgorod ruler, his life would not be in danger. But Kommersant writes about a possible helicopter transfer to Moscow.

Medvedev’s words

We are fighting a cowardly enemy who is trying to intimidate us. Choose with purpose true patriots of our country, Medvedev wrote: “Those who devote all their energies to serving the Fatherland and do everything to bring victory over Ukrainian neo-Nazism closer.” “He added that these crimes will not go unpunished. They are not prescription. Whoever committed it, as well as its ideological sponsors, will not be able to evade punishment.” There has been no comment so far from Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, indicating that it is too early to understand who is behind the attack.


writer He was on vacation with the family And they stopped to have lunch. The explosion occurred minutes after he returned to his car. device was placed under the hood of the car during downtime. The hypothesis of a car malfunction seems less likely. It was usable 2 kilos of explosives. Pictures of the hole are spread on the net.

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Also because the claim has already arrived. The attack was declared a movement atesh group Crimean partisan movement of Ukrainians, Tatars and Russians. Written by Novaya Gazeta, citing a Telegram post from the same group born in September last year that has already made headlines in several episodes.

Who is Zakhar Prilepin?

Zakhar Prilepin is a well-known writer, translator into several languages, nationalist activist, A fighter in the wars in Chechnya and then in the Donbass Ukrainian.

He was a former member of National Bolshevik Party, it was later banned. Later joined the party Russia Gallerysupport for national positions.

Since 2014 he has been involved in supporting separatists in the Ukrainian Donbass. Not only with writings and frequent television appearances, but also concretely. Until 2018, in fact, he commanded a battalion fighting among the forces of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic. In the 1990s, however, he participated in the Chechen wars in Russia’s special anti-terrorism units.

A conscript in the National Guard

In January Prilepin He joined the National Guard. This was announced by his press office, which reported that Prilepin is already on the ground in Ukraine, “for combat missions.”

Strong supporter of conquest war, Prilepin, born 1974 in Nizi Novgorod, Chechnya fought in the ranks ofOmon, the anti-terrorism unit of the Russian police. It was precisely because of his OMON past that he joined the National Guard, his press office announced, adding that Prilepin had already organized “humanitarian missions” in the occupied territories. In the past, he was an advisor to the breakaway Donetsk Republic.

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