Xbox Sarah Bond talks about the reasons for closing Tango and Arkane Austin

Xbox Sarah Bond talks about the reasons for closing Tango and Arkane Austin

Sarah BondThe Xbox chief spoke during the Bloomberg Tech Summit the reasons Behind the Tango Gameworks and Arkane Austin are closingwithout providing details but just a concept regarding the long-term health of the company.

“Earlier in the week, Xbox announced it was closing four studios,” reporter Dina Bass asked. “I know you’re not in charge of Xbox Game Studios, but How should we players interpret this move In light of Microsoft’s commitment to developing innovative and exclusive titles?

“It’s always very difficult to make decisions like this,” Bond said. “When we notice these trends, we feel a deep responsibility to make sure that the games we make, the hardware we make, and the services we provide They are available at all times“.

“Even when the sector is not growing, when it is going through a moment of transition. The innovations we announced at the beginning of the week are the result of this commitment, to Make sure the company is healthy in the long term“.

Perfect PR response?

While Bond has not actually been shy about the issue, her words regarding Microsoft’s shutdowns have been seen as… Perfect PR responsewhich aims to not frustrate shareholders rather than provide tangible elements.

The issue that many raise, especially regarding the fate of Tango Gameworks, is that the management that shuts down successful studios is unreliable and from the employees’ point of view… It provides no certaintyeven if we had just worked on an announced successful product like Hi-Fi RUSH.

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