New Bell Bonus | Who it is for and how to order it in a few simple steps

New Bell Bonus |  Who it is for and how to order it in a few simple steps

The old bill bonus is back again in 2023: here’s who’s getting it and how to claim it this year without too many problems.

Moving from 2022 to 2023 left us with very strong uncertainties regarding the cost of our utility and gas bills; In the last months of last year, the increase in prices was truly amazing, which led many Italian families into a crisis that had to fix and improve the situation thanks to Bill Bonus also confirmed for 2023.

The government maneuver approved last December extended the bill bonus requested by thousands of families in Italy in 2022. Thanks to this bonus, many Italians have witnessed the emergence of various discounts on utility bills, even very high and good. News and that discounts have been extended Even in the new year.

Who Deserves Bonus 2023 Bill: The New ISEE Cap

Although the bonus is pretty much the same compared to last year, there have been some changes due to the Meloni government’s new budget law which has raised the ISEE cap for requesting a bonus to 15,000 euros. Initially, it was set at 8,625 euros and in 2022 it was raised to 12,000 euros, and in 2023 it will be, as we mentioned, 15,000 euros, which gives many families the opportunity to request it.

Stop Despairing: The 2023 Bill Reward is here

Alternatively, other categories of families can request it even if they exceed the maximum ISEE imposed by the budget law: for example, all those families who have 4 or more dependent children With ISEE you do not pass 20,000 euros. In addition to the maximum ISEE cap, there are other factors to consider before requesting a bonus.

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Other requirements and how to apply for the bonus in 2023

To apply for the bill bonus also in 2023, families not only have to respect the ISEE cap for the entire family unit, but also comply with other requirements clearly outlined in ARERA website, the body that deals with subsidies and regulation for energy, grids and the environment. All bonus application actions this year are also displayed on the site.

First of all, it is necessary that a member of the household for that ISEE is also the holder of a contract for the supply of electricity, water and/or natural gas; Furthermore, the supply contract must be linked to the homes owned by the family (and therefore not domestic or otherwise) and finally to each family unit Only one reward per type is entitled (water, electricity or gas). If you meet all these requirements, you can claim your bill bonus right away even in 2023!

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