January 27, 2023

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The United States, Trump’s right-hand man in business, sentenced to five months in prison: “a systematic plan to defraud the US tax authorities”

Allen Weisselberg, former Chief Financial Officer, Inc Trump Organizationthe organization that runs the former US president’s private business, has been sentenced Five months in prison For a series of tax offenses he committed in office over many years. Weisselberg had pleaded guilty in August to 15 counts, incl Tax fraud, conspiracy and grand theft. According to prosecutors, for more than 15 years, the Trump Organization has conducted a systematic plan To deceive the state and especially the tax authorities. Manhattan prosecutors charged Weisselberg with receiving an additional salary of Rs $1.7 million. Immediately after the verdict, in New York, the man was transferred to a prison Rikers Island to atone for the punishment. However, only his cooperation with the detectives can benefit one of them wholesale discount, according to the American media. For the crimes he committed, Weisselberg has already paid more than $2 million in taxes and fines, as part of the agreed plea bargain.

Photo: EPA/Justin Lin

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