Nissan enters the “League” of the greats with the new Arya

Nissan enters the “League” of the greats with the new Arya

The new Nissan Ariya hits the market, the electric SUV that will try to conquer a segment of the market, thanks to its high-level performance

The new Nissan Ariya – Motori.News

else SUV cars that of April It will enrich the range of these compounds, which are now produced by the vast majority of car manufacturers. This happens because you feel confident in InstructsWith cars that are quite large but manageable and comfortable, they are a He should Which many would like to have now.

Nissan Ariya, the SUV that combines sophistication and power, but at a price

A few days ago, it was possible to pre-order to buy Nissan Aria Which represents the latest technological advancement of Japanese House It is one hundred percent electric. This model is coming to us village with 3 different Motors Accompanied by a very high technical level regarding all devices and finishes.

If you want to own this right away jewelWithout waiting months for it, you can instantly create a file Pre-orderwhich you can easily do by going to website of the same Apriland follow the indicated procedure.

Nissan Aria
Nissan Ariya –

Here, with ease, you can choose all files equipment required, Start normally from Release choice and from the color you prefer. And not a secondary question, you can also select the merchant April get yours Arya (Imagine a place closest to your home or workplace.)

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Once in Pre-orderyou will have 30 days to determine the purchase, After that, if you have not completed command – request, Your reservation will expire automatically. A gift he decided to give April For those who buy this car June 30, 2022, Whoever buys the Arya will be able to use it From Ionity Columns, that allow you to do very fast reloads, at the expense of 0.30 euro / kWh,

Engines and safety

Arya she has 2 batteries: the first is called Progressinghas 63 kWh, a 218 hp It can travel without stopping 403 kilometers.

The back of the Nissan Ariya
The back of the Nissan Ariya –

If we want a car with motivation More advanced, Ariya also offers one drums of 87 kWh, with a motivation of 242 hp and a range of up to 520 km (m here the cost increases and base car It starts around 60 thousand euros. Not to mention the possibility of making one fast charging In just 30 minutes.

As for the fonts instead, the . file Arya Has the base configuration I keep up with the times with shapes Sports But elegant At the same time, which is in line with the tradition Japanese brandand who wink at european market, where there has always been April She had her share of fans.

But let’s move on to the sore point, and price. It’s definitely not a cheap car, in fact we’re talking about a good starting price 55000 Euro Rises to €63,000 For a stronger version. In fact, it is ranked among “elite” Like BMW And mercedes. Really brave move to Aprildesire to enter that segment of the market. We’ll see in the future if that’s an option the win.

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