Netflix raises prices in the US: and in Italy? –

From Alessio Lana

Netflix has announced increases, and increases in the country of origin often follow increases in ours

Netflix just announced a price hike in the US and Canada too There can be setbacks in Italy. to me Seventh time In its eleven years of existence as a streaming platform (before he does anything else), and the price increase depends on the seasonal ticket a base Which goes up by $1 to $9.99 a month, if Basic (2 devices simultaneously, Full HD) $1.50 up to $15.49 per month and excellent (4 connected devices and 4K) for $2 at $19.99 per month.

Soon the call to Italy said: In general, there is an American increase followed by an increase in our country. Let’s see the data. Netflix debuted with us in 2015 With the three classic plans we know today: the basic cost 9.99 euros, the standard 10.99 euros, and the standard 11.99 euros. Two years after the first price increase. In October 2017, he raised prices in the United States and Parallel to the Italians With the rule remaining unchanged, the standard increased to €10.99 and the premium to €13.99. two more years and January 2019 The rise in the US comes later, In June, from Italian With the standard €11.99 and the premium €15.99.

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